Alexander Yarashuk

Society Alexander I. Yarashuk born November 16, 1951 in the village of granddaughters Kamenetz district, Brest region. Two higher education: in 1974 he graduated from the Kursk Agricultural Institute agronomist: In 1990 — Minsk Higher Party School in the field of political science and sociology. He began his career in 1974 as an agronomist at the farm Dimitrov Kamenetz district. In 1975-76. he served in the army. In 1976-80. worked as chief agronomist of the farm "Zhabinkovski" (Zhabinkovski district, Brest region); 1980-82. — Vice-chairman farm "Ray" Zhabinkovsky district. In the years 1982-84. led selgasaddelam Zhabinkovsky District CPB. 1984-85. — Instructor of the Brest Regional Committee of the PBC. 1986-91. — First Secretary of the Kamenetz district committee of the PBC. In 1991 he worked as head of the Department of Agrarian Policy of the Central Committee of the PBC. In 1991-96. — Deputy Head of the central board of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food. In 1996-98. — First vice-chairman Minsk Regional Executive Committee. 1998-99. — Chairman of the Minsk Regional Committee of Natural Resources. In 1999, led the National Committee of the Belarusian Trade Union of workers of agriculture. Since 2002 — Chairman of the Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions.

He is married and has three sons.

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