Aliens choose Russia

November 21, 2011 17:28

According to the Vedas, there are about 40,000 of intelligent beings, of which the people — the most simple. Usually members of the upper planets are not interested earthlings, and those humanoids, which have repeatedly seen on Earth — is demonic representatives of the planets, the more advanced technically.

Ufologists claim that aliens are visiting Earth, not only to collect various herbs (which they use to create tonic tablets), but the earth and ask women to hold the hands of their children. According to them, these children live longer and happier. Those ufologists say that people are stealing thousands and only a small percentage then returned nothing to remember. More radical scholars generally say that the people on our planet is almost gone!

Aliens higher planets, sometimes visiting Earth, have a high intellectual development and their appearance is very similar to humans. But unlike us, are completely devoid of emotion, so they are vulnerable to extinction. In order to learn the secret of longevity, they kidnap Earth pregnant women and the fetus study, enter into a relationship with the earth people to get viable offspring.

Hotbed of alien activity is Russia. Evidence of this is the large number of photographs collected in the scene.

Recently (ie, in April of this year) on the web-site Youtube video appeared, which can be clearly seen an alien body without the right foot. Growth did not exceed 1 meter. Scientists have linked the find ss recent UFO sightings over the city of Irkutsk. Interested in this recording police. They found the author of this video and learn from it, that it was a hoax. This man admitted that he made a mock alien obtyanuli dough and chicken skin. After the "body" was ready, he and his friend took him to the forest, where he made a record.

Therefore, some concerns about the reliability and the message is that the Russian retired a long time kept the corpse of a stranger in his own refrigerator, and as evidence filed five entries.

A woman reported that she had found the body after near her dacha crashed unidentified flying object. Growth of the alien was about 60 cm, had a large head with bulging eyes and generally represented a cross between a fish and a humanoid. Limbs were being very thin, looked like a thread.

According to the website Unexplained Mysteries few days ago, people came to the pensioner, who presented research staff of the Karelian Research Centre of RAS.

Michael Cohen (writer and expert of paranormal phenomena, which provided this information), argues that it is more like a deliberate hoax, but the possibility that the body actually belongs to alien beings, can not be discarded.
Prior to this "meeting" with the aliens came to prominence thanks to amateur photography in the Irkutsk region, depicting glowing machine and five newcomers, who walked through the snow.

There is also a lot of other stories about the meeting with the aliens. To test their validity was established "Commission on UFOs." Formally, it was established to investigate the phenomenon of Petrozavodsk in 1977, when residents of northwestern Russia a few minutes watching the sky lights. Then, the committee came to the conclusion that this was the launch of "Cosmos 955". This committee met qualifications of all known cases of UFO manifestations, and found that they all have the earth nature. Lights in the sky — it effects the missile launch, and flying saucers — a special weather balloons. During the work of the commission is not established a single case of alien contact with humans.

However, ufologists insist. Every year a large number of the unknown fixed effects. The leader in a number of the Urals. According to scientists, this area is so attracted representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, because here are the highest mountains and many rivers, which allows you to "generate a UFO."

The appearance of such facilities in the region have started to record from the late 60's of the XX century, when over g.Karabash ball of light was seen that 15 minutes still hung over the city. Since then, almost every year recorded reappearance. In 2009, the television broadcast information that there are new flying objects in the form of bright red and yellow balls, which were recorded over the Chelyabinsk.

Another place of frequent visits from space became Perm, in particular Molebka village, also known as the "Russian Bermuda Triangle." Local ufologists claim to have found a piece of an alien spaceship, and in 2010 it was reported that over Perm also seen similar balls.

Thus, witnesses nepoznanyh phenomena in Russia more and more people. Scientists do not provide concrete evidence of the existence of alien residents, meanwhile skeptics claim that all those lights — nothing like Chinese lanterns, which are in a lot of runs on the celebrations.

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