All of the people: for Falling Leaves — on the red carpet

November 5 to start in Minsk XVII International Festival "Listapad 2010". Despite a long history of celebrating, but this year for the first time participants of the celebration, directors, actors, members of the jury will be able to feel their professional chosen one: the path to the entrance to the Palace of the Republic organizers zastselyats red carpet. Will innovation culmination of the festival?

The opening ceremony of "stapadu" Palace of the Republic will begin with the transfer of power: the permanent head of the festival, People's Artist of the USSR Rostislav Jankowski delegate his powers to the honored artist of Belarus and the House of Representatives Gennady Davydko. This is Mr. Jankowski confirmed in an interview with Radio Liberty:

"I will still chairman today, tomorrow will be, but the authorities did rent. That is, pass their positions to another master. Sorry or not? It's hard to say. Yet 16 years and I Stepanova, best director, this was done. But my sorrow is pure, as saying. I give the youngster a good thing, he 15 years was presenter of this festival and knows him well. He is the director, honored artist, member of the National Assembly. But it's not that, he is very active, interesting people in this regard. Let's see how things will ask. After all, now matter what direction he will, and it is difficult to predict. He gained a new directorate, on which so much depends. Money, for example, there is, but their distribution — a serious matter. Again, direction, and other things. So I'm preparing that introduce people to the spectators a new chairman and wish all the best. But I'm still honorary chairman. NOT wedding generals, as well as the honorary chairman of the influences to the festival and the board, and look, and all the rest. "

The state custody, "Listopad" felt throughout, as evidenced by the list of those responsible for his conduct: the Council of Ministers, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Culture, Minsk city executive committee, the studios' BelarusFilm ", the National Broadcasting Company, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union of Russia and Belarus, etc. Two special awards established in the name of Alexander Lukashenko: "For the preservation and development of traditions of spirituality in cinema" and "For humanism and spirituality in the movies."

Participants and guests of the first day will show another military blockbuster, the Belarusian-Russian "patriotic drama" "The Brest Fortress". As a well-known film director Vyacheslav Nikiforov, such specialization indicates only one thing: after the collapse of the Soviet Union Belarus has not been able to shift in cinematic space, still reeling from the fate of autonomy granted:

All of the people: for "Falling Leaves" — on the red carpet.

"And this is a trend that this collapse as begun, so he continues to this day. Although also in all of this there are so many zvyshabektyvnaga. That is, objectivity, all this decay and the Soviet Union, and suverinizatsiya — all led to the fact that for many years was as if not to culture. In the movie — I will narrow the field to a known me — is also affected most disastrous way. However, this applies to almost all countries of the former Soviet Union, which were at a crossroads, having suffered a colossal moral failure. Few up at all. Even big Ukraine, and there almost all the incense breathes (though gradually deal yet somehow revived). A far less education, the Baltic states, Belarus, — so still dark problems. But as for Belarus, I am convinced that you can still be a lot to save. "

Even on such minor festivals as "Falling Leaves" where zvyshmaysterstva no one is required, the Belarusian filmmakers for 16 years and never once not to score. "Silver" in 2001 received the film "Guide" Alexander Efremov, and in 2003 and 2006, there were two "bronze" — for "Anastasia Slutskaya" Jury Elhovo and "I Remember" by Sergei Sychev. At the jubilee XV festival audience with a special diploma of the jury noted the work of director Ivan Pavlov, "On the back of a black cat." But, critics say, first of all for the fact that there appeared granddaughter Lukashenko.

Director Valery fishermen in notes that the state of the modern Belarusian cinema — is critical. Best shots are gone from the national film studio, finding understanding and relevance, and to continue the traditions of the Belarusian powerful film school administration "Belarusfilimu" for various reasons, can not:

All skill determines … From where it will be born here?

"You know, I would say that now we have student film studio. That's it. Departed, left many. And most importantly, there is no art direction. After all, the studio director that he was not good at his various qualities (maybe he's a great manager, it is still necessary to evaluate), but when we hear soon from heaven "Oscars" will fall, or that the crisis has passed, and we there was a great movie, it is, in my opinion, is simply a form of PR. Non-serious expression. At least, I do not see the process that would be obvious, and something to improve. All defines skill. And then a lot of questions: first, where it will be born here? Secondly, again, there is no school. Third, there is no art direction. And this not only we talk about this more or less expressed the people who come here. They are terrified. "

However, This year, Festival organizers are hoping for a qualitative leap. Or is not the first time the assembly line "Belarusfilm" left a mystery novel. Tape Andrew Kudinenko "Masakra" is announced in the original genre — "bulb-horror." The plot is laid "explosive mixture" of the novella by Prosper Merimee "Lokis" about a bear-and werewolf legends of Ancient pagan. The filmmakers not to jinx it, the chances of success are not evaluated in advance.

Meanwhile, out of inertia "Falling Leaves" and there is still a place for the Russian film industry. Among the announced stars — Lyudmila Gurchenko, Alexander Mikhailov, Boris Nevzorov, Vladimir Simonov and others. At this time, partly homogeneous composition could dilute the Georgian assault force: on the background of warming relations between Minsk and Tbilisi flew dignitaries — Vakhtang Kikabidze and Nani Bregvadze. However, the organizers promise and accidents — today announced that they will open the festival famous Italian actress Ornella Muti and the Serbian film director Emir Kusturica.

While still connected to the "November" kitchen Rostislav Jankowski hopes that this time the atmosphere of the festival will be a very real:

"We'll see how it will pass. But first we will have a red carpet, so far it was not in the yard. Why did not practice? Because you never can not say with certainty that the weather will be. If the dirt, wet, once again why take the risk? Now seems to be OK, but God forbid that tomorrow was just as good. This will highlight all the spotlights, there will be a band, obviously. It will take a lot of actors — and invitees, and from other countries, and our own. Oh, and self discovery — also a very solemn moment. I want it to be a holiday, rather, always wanted to. I thought that the festival — it's not just a job. Paintings, views, evaluations — yes, that's fine. But more important to the opening and closing of the event, it's a real treat. Oh, and also a meeting, gala concerts and many other events to be held during the festival. &quot

Feature of the "Listopad" will be and what will determine the winners in the nominations by a professional jury, not the audience, as it was in previous years. Innovations argued that the audience is not physically able to see all competition films. At best get view-third of the repertoire that does not give reason to speak about the objectivity of the voting. But jury service duty to see all competition tape. By the way, the chairman of the international jury of the main competition will be directed by the Lithuanian Sarunas Bartas.

Have to choose the best from the following list:

  • "Masakra" Andrew Kudinenko (Belarus)
  • "My Happiness" by Sergei Laznitsy (Ukraine)
  • "St. George Shoots the Dragon," Srdjan Dragojevic (Serbiya)
  • "Eastern Plays" Kamen Kalev (Bulgaria)
  • "Slacker" Koguashvili Levan (Georgia)
  • "Adra Pal" Agnes Kochysh (Hungary)
  • "World-ake" Aktan Kubot (Kyrgyzstan)
  • "Revers" Boris Lankasha (Poland)
  • "Aurora" Christy bad (Romania)
  • "Backward movement" Andrew Stampkovskaga (Russia)
  • "Second Heaven" Mamuli Dmitry (Russia)
  • "Truce" by Svetlana Proskurin (Russia).



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