Alternative holiday in the city of Grodno

The third consecutive year the public Grodno celebrates alternative days of the city. In the framework of the Days will be held on November 6 Guberta III International Scientific Conference "Grodno palimpsest: state and social structures. XVI — XX centuries ".

Famous scientists from Belarus and Poland will present the results of their research on the Grodno vessels city magistrate and the Congress of the nobility of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

For the first time will feature essays on prison inmates Grodno, about the students and teachers of educational institutions of the city, about Jewish children in the XIX., Will be offered a social portrait of Grodno official, described the role of cinema and photography in the life of Grodno …

The conference will be a meeting "Monuments of Grodno fate and prospects", which will perform Sergei Hareuski cultural studies.


Grodno, days Guberta

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