American handed over 395 liters of breast milk for orphans


Young mother Alicia Richman became the owner of an unusual record by passing 395 liters of their breast milk to charity after his son's birth. 28-year-old resident of Texas gave birth to a boy named Drake in 2011.

Immediately after the happy event Alicia discovered that he was in the category of women who do not have any problems with breastfeeding their babies. "I was breast-feeding her son, and then began to express milk.

I had a feeling that I can fill them with a dozen tanks, so I have a lot of it was, "- says Alicia. Richman constantly restocked food for your baby. At some point she realized that just scored their" product " three freezers in the house. "I jokingly referred to herself as a cash cow: the way I felt, I decant everywhere — at home, on the road, at work and at play" — shared his mother.

Realizing that he could provide little son enough food, Alicia has decided that it is able to share her milk with those infants who are particularly in need. Richman began to cooperate with the charitable organization Mothers' Milk Bank of North Texas, which provides feeding breast milk born premature and sick babies and orphans throughout the country.

"I was so happy that I can help not only your child but other children in need. This is an amazing feeling," — said Alicia Richman. Between June 2011 and March 2012 she was able to express her breast milk so much that it would be enough to fill 87 tanks with capacity of one gallon, which is 395 liters.


For his services, Alicia was rewarded with a certificate, certified by its Guinness record.

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