An explosion at a mine in the Donbass: there are victims

An explosion at a mine in the Donbass: there are victims

One person was killed and nine wounded in an explosion in a coal mine gas mixture "North" of the city of Dzerzhinsk, Donetsk region.

Only in the mine at the time of emergency work 136 miners who independently came to the surface. Now mine is temporarily closed, the reasons and circumstances of the explosion set.

— Suffered ten miners, one of whom died while being transported to a hospital, nine miners with burns of varying severity hospitalized in the surgical department Dzerzhinskaya Central Hospital — reported in the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

At the scene are four branches of state paramilitary rescue service and operations group Minenergouglya Main Territorial Emergency Management in the Donetsk region.

List of victims:

1. Oleg Antoshin, 1973, p.
2. Alexander V. Shein, 1972, p.
3. Yuri Yaroslavovich Assumption, 1969 p.
4. Andrew Y. Pomytkin, 1980 p.
5. Alexander A. Kochetov, 1973 p.
6. Nicholas E. komah, 1962 p.
7. Oleg Boyko, 1961, p.
8. Alexander A. Makarov, 1980, p.
9. Nikolai Vasilenko, 1971, p.

The victim:
Silaev Igor, 1957 p. (Worked at the mine master bomber).

author: Irina Desyatnichenko

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