Anapa Bakery mastered the vacuum cooling of bakery products

The real breakthrough in the domestic bakery made of "Anapa Bakery" who has mastered the innovative technology of vacuum cooling of bakery products, which is very popular in Europe.

The company acquired a completely unique equipment — vacuum cooling chamber. As of today, there are all known shock, that is deep freeze.
However, in laboratory and field trials were identified and confirmed by the undeniable advantages of vacuum cooling in baking:
— the use of vacuum cooling technology holds great promise for the sales network of health resorts and catering companies that can buy baked goods batches and reheat them in the oven for 5-7 minutes at 180 ° C on the spot as needed;
— product storage at +5 ° C to 12 days, which allows us to deliver products over long distances, that is, the geography of supply, optimized logistics scheme of the enterprise; 
— an increase of 20% product, improved crumb structure and taste properties;
— increase the shelf life due to reduced microbial load of the product;

— ability to produce products in live yeast, according to the classical techniques without the use of chemical ingredients and baking powder;

— reduction in the duration of cooling;
— reduction in the duration of baking.

The process of vacuum products consist of baking products and of the cooling process. For cooling of the furnace hot bakery on carts rolled into the vacuum chamber. There for 5-6 minutes from the center of production of cooled crumb crust up to +25 oC. The products are then sliced and packed in paper bags polypropylene, PVC film or corrugated packaging.

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