Ancient heritage. SPIRIT asura

Rise from the dead,
Epic hero,
Enemy slain giant.
With you always your shield and sword
So help us
Holy Russia save!

The information is based on the memory of the soul, and other forms of memory. As well as different sources, raising the subject.

The first civilization on Earth, was a civilization of the Gods (on, I will refer to them as Asuras). It was the race of the mighty giant that did not exist in the physical, material world, but the nature of it was subtle material. Perhaps it was the cosmic gods and creators who have created many worlds. The souls of many of them were connected with the earth, with which they had to go on his way. Further, through the rotation of the Earth Many Years, their bodies began to thicken and to manifest itself in physical reality. By this time, some of the Asuras dissolved their energy bodies and the space was filled with a beautiful Earth — then still a young and virgin planet. Their energy and power, floating in the clouds, the blue of the sea and the dense forests .. Light fills their Slavic Soul, because Asura dissolved in the delivery, which later became the Aryan and Slavic.

The first civilization of the asuras, was the only one that was divine through development. All subsequent five civilizations, whether Lemurians, Atlanteans, Hyperboreans or people chose technocratic way of development, which always leads to certain death and tragic consequences.

What happened to the Asuras, which left their souls and spirits — not known for certain. But the particles of light energy and form, was able to survive and now he is in the souls of many people, especially the Slavic-born labor and land. These people from childhood are true Aryans in the Spirit (ie — a noble soul). Their souls merged with particles Shower Asura and came in this time on Earth. Again to love and protect her!
".. Our immortal souls. Held for many years, thousands and periods, during which, we take the physical body and embodied here in the material world. But probably only the most worthy were allowed to come to the planet now, in hard times, when our Earth is buried in the abyss of obscurantism .. Friend and brother! Thousands of years ago, in the early days of the Asuras — the Cosmic gods, there was a time when there was a need to leave the planet to many of our relatives and cousins. And just as Druzhinniki are forced to carry on their watch, and service, as well as some of the Asuras were on the earth in order to maintain and preserve it in its hour, and severe time Dusk and Night of Svarog .. It was a race of ethereal gods that can consciously live and be a reality — the dimensions simultaneously. Over time, the Earth coming to a certain band of radiation in the galaxy, and the bodies of the Asuras compacted. Were whole epochs millennium and century births in the bodies of chiefs and kings, warriors, and the Magi, who fought and died, fall and get up .. Now approaching the hour when old friends and brothers, must return to grown-up Mother — the Earth. But the outcome of the last battles depends on us. Many of the Old Souls Asura awake, but not awake. This is a call for many to look deep into their ancestral memory and experience the power and the invincible power of the Cosmic gods remember themselves and realize purpose of his current incarnation, having done it honestly, without the cozy lies and deception. Our main task is awakening his dormant abilities, to once again become a warrior, sorcerer, a witch, a witch (Veda's mother) and then — Gods. In this case, each would cost thousands! Help accomplish this task, the moral — moral canons and practices that have followed our ancestors and ourselves in past incarnations: Walk in the paths of the right (live by the truth, conscience), to honor the land of your fathers and do not give her enemies to shame, to lead a virtuous Lifestyle , read the Fathers of the Living on these and other ethical canons, we will be day by day to become cleaner and better, helping to cleanse their thin-material bodies, which will lead to the disclosure of the sleeping capacity of the organism and the connection with the Soul and Spirit ..

Meet the same dignity of their friends and relatives! "..

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