Ancient Russia — Revived true

History of Russia decided to start from the moment of baptism, the tradition laid down by the first of our historians Tatishchev Karamzin, who viewed the history of our country, especially as the history of the state. Prince Vladimir baptized Rus' and from that moment began ticking clock of Russian history, but there were still a century earlier!
Everyone knows about ancient Egypt, ancient Rome, ancient China, etc. Russia is not in this spiske.Otkryvaem any book and read: "1000 years of history of Russia."
And where we were 2000-3000 years ago? That was one-sixth of the land at the time when the Egyptian pyramids were built?
And "There was nothing" — with aplomb Western historians say. "The solid was wildness" — yes-echo them domestic.
We invite you to watch a documentary film about the unknown facts of default and active our Slavic history. Revived the truth about Russia as a state and nation. Find out more about the great achievements and role of our ancestors for thousands of years of glorious deeds!

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