And the truth, no one will say

The explosion on October 25 in the shop chipboard (DSP) concern "Pinsk Wood" claimed the lives of 14 people. Six remain in serious condition in hospital Brest and Minsk. National mourning is declared. "Freedom" continues the reporter's materials from the families of the victims of the tragedy of Pinsk.

Moog Afenogenovich Igor (1971-2010 gg.)

In the first minutes of the explosion in the workshop immediately killed two people. One of them — Igor Moog, who worked there as a mechanic-repairman.

Igor's mother Mugi — after a stroke, lost the power of speech without any help is not moving. The father — 76-year-old retiree. In a private house on the street Pinsk's Park — the grief and tears:

"To drink — do not drink. Did not smoke. Prayed to God. Another mother was healthy, went to church together. Every Sunday, he found time to attend church with his family. I take it positively, kids adjusted. Two kids — a boy five years , the girl — 13 years old.'s father was an example for them. "

Igor's father, Afinogenov K., says that the son and his family lived in his house. In the spring he took a loan made to a parent home outhouse and moved with his wife and two children:

"It is very thrifty with their children. Sought to build their homes. And all did, despite the fact that due to the large loan. Tried very hard to finish before winter. Already moved.'s A week ago as the chance. All was very good. I was very pleased. But disaster struck … "

Igor's father near his home

No one expected such a tragedy goes on to father Igor Mugi:

He goes early — at six, six-thirty in the morning, and his kids are never again seen … "

"And as he went to work on Monday … even on Sunday spoke to him. Discussed further, talking about, to bring a cake just in case. And he went in the morning. He goes early — at six, six-thirty in the morning, and his kids are never again seen. "

Representatives of the "Pinskdrev" says Father Igor Mugi, attended his son home, talking with daughter. But during the funeral of one of the guides are not made or the cemetery or the funeral:

"At the funeral, crying all. Nobody spoke at the funeral. What is the cause of the accident? Nobody can say this for sure. Speeches are not interesting, it's just empty words, I suppose. Truth no one will tell us …"

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