Andrei Arshavin: The best do not consider myself

Andrei Arshavin: "The best do not consider myself" Saturday Andrey Arshavin made his debut in the English Premier League, coming into the starting lineup, "Arsenal" for the match against the "Sunderland", and the next day with the Russian national team striker contacted correspondent "SE". [Cut] — Before the game was a special thrill? — In principle, no. Felt about the same as used to. Another thing is that even during the match ever had the desire to play simpler — came from somewhere in the subconscious desire not to risk it. — The daily routine before the game was very different from the familiar to you? — Excluding some items, was practically the same. Lunch, held a meeting, let's go to the stadium. So, apparently, is the vast majority of clubs in the world, and not the "Arsenal" or "Zenith" is not an exception. — I know that you have your pre-game rituals and signs. It was possible to carry them out? — From something in relation to the total change of environment will have to be abandoned. But the opportunity to get out on the field the last, as I always do, I have provided. — And what are the first impressions of your stay in English football? — Normal. Everything as expected, is very fast. It is not even about the pace of the game, and in the field of martial arts. Time to think about solutions in a given episode does not give at all — it must be taken immediately. Perhaps my feelings are compounded by the fact that before the match, I really have not been out on the field. Maybe you just need to get used to, but still keep up with the events was not easy. — Still in the first half, you get good. Which of his two attempts on goal Fülöp think is more dangerous? — Of course, the second. The first is something in front of the goal, alas, did not hit. But the next turned out not easy for the goalkeeper, but he pulled it. Do wonder — where it came from, a goalie? Someone said after the game, that is the best match Fülöp in his career. I do not know, but if he was so every game, "Sunderland" probably would have fought for the Champions League. — Did you try the impact on their own? — Not only. Beaten on his goal and even more dangerous, but he pulled out. — Your team must have upset the final draw? — Of course. We need to get into the Champions League, and the two main rivals — "Aston Villa" and "Chelsea" — played on this tour together. Some of them are bound to lose points than was necessary to take advantage of. But we're by and large did not. — Which of the couple think is the main rival? — Now, after the victory of "Chelsea", this is definitely a "Aston Villa". But I'm still up to Saturday's game was sure that in the final table, "Chelsea" birmingemtsev bypass. I think the "Liverpool" is also left behind "aristocrats." — Your confidence is based on the fact that the head of "Chelsea" Hiddink is now worth? — And with that, too. But not only — at the London club very strong structure. — Let's go back to your game. How to evaluate their own physical fitness? — As a conclusion to make the game difficult, especially since the debut match always spend more on emotions. After 60 minutes I was enough that it would be on — hard to say. — That is what you have replaced, not surprised? — Most likely, it was right, especially as my position on the field provided a considerable amount of work. While I was fresh, had time wherever needed to keep pace, but by the time change really started to get tired. After all, spending the first match of the season. With each be easier. — The fact that at the beginning of the second half, you were less noticeable than before the break, just a consequence of fatigue? — It's hard to say anything about it. It seems to be trying to play the same way as in the first forty-five minutes, but the case aggravate the situation has not presented itself. Hence, perhaps, and your experience. — How well do you and your partner understand each other? — I'm trying to get used to new partners, they are, respectively, to me. But it is clear that this requires time spent together and matches. In the team there are established links to which I have yet to fit. — What can you say about the enemy? — "Sunderland" — a team of very uncompromising, and its main purpose (at least in this away game) was not to give an opponent score. Play with it was not easy: the players on the other side of the field — all at a selection of quick and sharp. A little gape — instantly get a sharp counter-attack. — On the part did not seem to match the speed was high. — Again, I'm not talking about the pace of the match: perhaps from defense to attack we really ought to go faster. We are talking about martial arts, about those episodes when you get the ball and you counteract the opponent. Everything happens quickly, abruptly and harshly. — Roman Pavlyuchenko, sharing the first sensations of the English Premier League, said look around here just do not give. It should begin to ponder the ball at you at once will make, sometimes — with their feet. — Yes, I have a feeling about the same. I think to fully adjust to the kind of football, it is necessary to spend a few games. — How do you atmosphere at the "Emirates"? — For her sake, I tried to England. For any player to play the great pleasure filled the stadium, which seats 60,000 spectators. And when at the same time for at least 55,000 of them support it you feel great at all. Especially the fans here are much closer to the field than we do, so it's much thicker. I do not know, however, what will be playing when the same 55,000 will hurt against — I mean the matches on the road. But the "Emirates" everything was as I imagined and represented. And not only the audience — the rest is also at the highest level. Lawn at our home stadium — just a pool table. It's designed for a classy football. — And yet the mood feels that you are happy with the debut of not quite … — You know, if I did not come out on the field, but we would have won, it would have been absolutely satisfied. A draw still not the best result. — However, BBC has recognized the best player match. And other British media release it for you with Fülöp. — I would not agree with them. If the desired name in the "Arsenal" have asked me, would have celebrated van Persie and Gallas. The second — a terrific defender. Never thought he was so strong! — What Wenger said after the match? — Nothing in particular. But it was felt that the result of it, as all the players, "Arsenal", upset. — In the morning practice the next day remembering the game? — What are some of its highlights, of course, pop up in conversation — it always happens in any club. But parsing, if you mean it was not — training was of the nature of the recovery. — The press with reports about the match already had time to look? — Just barely. Saw your photos, but it is clear that they appeared not so much because of the game itself, but because of the fact of opening. In the notes on the "Chelsea" is also present everywhere Hiddink, but it is something debut was a victory. — What are some conclusions after the first game can already be done? — Not yet. In fact, it would be very interesting, I was confident before coming here. Everything else you can say only poobvyknuv. — Now we can see you only next Saturday in a match with "Fulham". — Yes, against "Roma" in the Champions League I, alas, can not play. This league will be held by me. We must do everything possible to not pass the next. Boris Levin

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