Anfisa Reztsova: The main culprit doping scandal — a guide SBR

Anfisa Reztsova: "The main culprit doping scandal — a guide SBR" Famous Russian biathlete Anfisa Reztsova expressed its opinion on the removal of three Russian athletes from competition due to the use of performance-enhancing drugs. "The main culprit of what happened — our guide. Specifically, the president of the RRF, and all the functionaries who have to be in close contact with our athletes. Not only the doctor. Why foreigners do not come across almost never? Because actually [b] at all of them work, know that to cover up who pay everything on the check [/ b]. Certainly, this is a blow to our team, and specific athletes. And the World Cup will be not so — all athletes will be oppressed. It is the policy of our leaders, and suffer biathletes. Next year will be the election of President IBU. One of the contenders is Alexander Tikhonov, but is likely to be nominated by Mikhail Prokhorov. Tikhonov And it's not interesting, "- said Reztsova the radio station" Sport ".

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