Angarsk Petrochemical Company (Irkutsk region). Launched the station gasoline blending

In JSC "Angarsk petrochemical company" (part of OJSC "NK" Rosneft ") entered into service station gasoline blending capacity of 2.3 million tonnes of finished products per year. This is a significant object implemented in the enterprise scale investment NK "Rosneft", which aims to complete the transition to production of products that meet the standards of "Euro-4" and "Euro-5". 

Displacement gasoline station of "APC" — a large production unit, which includes a reconstructed pump with hardware, storage tanks, and water fire station. Cable constructed flyover and overpass for process piping. Tanks stations equipped with modern facilities, which excludes the allocation of petroleum products into the atmosphere and ensures safe operation. 

Modern production of gasoline at the final stage of a complex process of many components of the input and the final product is normalized in many ways. By launching the process of mixing and adding octane gasoline additive is completely automated. New technologies make it possible to achieve the most efficient use of petroleum products for the production of high-quality gasoline.

The system provides a steady stream of analysis control formulation, the cost of each component, the quality of the final products. 

JSC "Angarsk petrochemical company" is a part of OJSC "NK" Rosneft ". In the past year there has been processed over 9.8 million tons of oil. It is expected that up to 2012 this figure will exceed 10 million tonnes this gasolines that meet the standard of "Euro-3" will be produced more than 850 tonnes 
As part of the investment program of OAO "APC", starting in 2010, put into operation a complex isomerization, the second stage of a hydrogen manufacturing unit for production of sulfuric acid. The program provides for the further construction of such large objects as complexes of diesel hydrotreater and sulfuric acid alkylation, hydrotreating catalytic cracking gasoline, methyl t-butyl ether. Before the 2017 program will be implemented development of oil production.

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