Annunciation khladokombinat introduced a new packaging technology

"Spaceship" — so affectionately called the mill a new device. Acquisition team is very proud of: they say, is implemented by third production in Russia (first began production in the Moscow and Leningrad regions) and the first in the Far East. To date, this is the most advanced equipment for packaging dairy products. Only to install it took almost half a year. To do this, the company "Tetra Pak" coming professionals.

First for packaging pasteurized, that is not exposed to high heat treatment "kislomolochki" is used not finished packing, and special rolls — they are made only in Sweden. This new technique makes the rolls in cardboard bottle. They go through several stages of processing, and the product is bottled under ultraviolet light — is also a novelty. Everything takes place in a sterile environment, and that the assurances of the employees' cold storage facility, "twice prolongs the life of the product and its useful properties. "In the old format packaging shelf life of pasteurized milk five days. Now, due to sterility bottling and packaging process this same product without incurring additional heat treatment, can be kept for 10 days ", — says deputy commercial director of" Cold Storage Facility "Anna Khristyuk.

 Packaging company employees praise also for environmental friendliness: it is made of cardboard and food polyethylene — a product of processing sugar cane. Containers can be recycled again. However, the conditions for processing there.

How much does a miracle cost appliances, workers "Khladokombinat" do not speak — it is a commercial secret, but note that it is a sum of six zeros. Serving the new production line specially trained officers — only four people. "We have a specialist come and teach us for a month. From Moscow came Specialist "Tetra Pak", showed how necessary. Do not be sorted out, "- says the operator-setter Alex naked.

All of these financial inflows to the cost of the product is not affected, according to workers "Cold Storage Facility." At the very least, the selling price has remained the same. Now the new technology is poured about half of the pasteurized products — yogurt, fermented baked milk, yogurt and bioyoghurts. The plans of management — to direct all pasteurized milk on the river banks of cardboard.

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