Annunciation scientists have a new robotic telescope

Scientists Annunciation Normal University received a modern robotic telescope "Master 2", told RIA Novosti the university, the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences Vladimir Jurkov.
"The Master" — the only system in the world of robotic telescopes located in the Moscow region, Kislovodsk, in the Urals, in Blagoveshchensk and Tunkinskaya Valley.
In December last year, it Annunciation robotic telescope first recorded supernova (SN2009nr — Ed.). It was officially confirmed by the International Astronomical Union

"Right now we are working with colleagues from Moscow State University are engaged in the installation of expensive equipment. Annunciation Observatory — the farthest point from Moscow, the first Russian network of robotic optical telescopes, "Master." And the new equipment will replace the telescope "Master" who was working in a test mode, but was able to enter into the history of space-based observations, "- said the official.

"Lens Diameter" master 2 "is more than twice than in the test telescope — 400 millimeters. Moreover, two tubes instead of one, which operate synchronously. And if our test (device) observed, so to speak, for the space with one eye and thus could, in addition to the supernova, record up to seven gamma-ray bursts, then the new robotic telescope, we expect at least a sensational discovery. On the eve of the New Year holidays are planning to incorporate it into the work ", — said Jurkov.

The "Master" is unique in the fact that the whole system of telescopes is automatically conducts a photo shoot and space to make its discovery could help anyone who finds the first images obtained by new objects.

Telescopes "Master" receive commands from satellites in space, and at the first detection of some gamma-ray burst telescope is set in the right direction and takes the shot. The gap between the receipt of satellite data and steer the telescope does not exceed 20 seconds. "Modest" size robotic telescopes do not talk about their small opportunities — this unit can capture the phenomena in the universe away milliardsvetovyh years from Earth.

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