Annunciation shipyard launched the diving boat

In Blagoveshchensk in the shipyard launched the first diving boat project 14157 for the Pacific Fleet.


Ship of 80 tons is almost ready, now being prepared for swimming. The boat of this kind at the plant was constructed for the first time. The two ships for the needs of the Navy ordered the Ministry of Defense of Russia. The contract for the plant is not known, but it is said that the price of one of the large boats.

The boat was laid on the stocks of the plant April 27, 2012.

Length diving boat about 40 meters, it can carry up to 8 people. The frame is made primarily of steel, no special construction materials were applied. Accessories and equipment for ship supply of various foreign countries, including those from Croatia and Austria. "The construction of this particular order lasts about a year — since the material procurement, processing, and so on. He built for the Navy, specifically for the Pacific Fleet. The first boat will go to Sakhalin, the second — in another place, "- said the chief builder of ships" Shipyard October Revolution "Sergei Chaika.

For its class boat is high-speed. It is designed for underwater diving. The vessel mounted hydraulic crane for lifting loads with depth and is equipped with an altitude chamber. It is expected that the ship will go to Sakhalin Island in June.

The second boat is ready at 70%. In late May, he was also planning to lower the water. In general orders Shipyard secured by 2-3 years in advance. Now the production of more than 10 units of shipping equipment and various craft.

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