Annunciation shipyard launched the first artillery target

On September 20 at the Annunciation shipyard launched the large artillery target for the Pacific Fleet.

A vessel of 68 meters and a width of 8 meters was built about four months. The deadlines were tight, so had to hire an additional 40 workers. This is the first order of the enterprise. Ship to involve firing during exercises at sea.

On the target has special reflective mesh, which will be visible on the equipment that these nets and must aim of the exercise. However, if it enters the body vessel shall remain afloat.

"There are many watertight compartments to, say, even if there was a leak, the ship is not sunk, because quite a long time for these target shooting. This state order of the Ministry of Defence, these vessels we are doing for the Pacific Fleet, these targets will be five — of this size, and five smaller ones, "- said General Director of the shipyard in Blagoveshchensk Vyacheslav Popov.

Two targets at the plant has produced. Negotiations are underway with the Ministry of Defence on further cooperation.

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