Anthem Vitebsk: second attempt

Announced by the local authorities tender for the establishment of a special hymn of the regional center failed: from 29-year-worthy options proposed did not recognize a single one. City council announced the second round of the competition with the same requirements to the authors.

Under the terms of the competition, necessarily anthem must be Russian-speaking, "have a high artistic level, intanatsyyna-melodic clarity, patriotism, zapaminalnasts, solemnity."

The first requirement is not met six authors and texts Russian language from the contest were rejected. The remaining 23 works of poets and composers have been rejected because they do not have, in the opinion of the jury, sufficient artistic and patriotic values.

The competition was attended by the authors of Vitebsk, Vitebsk and Syanno areas, Minsk, Novapolatsk and even St. Petersburg. But the results of the competition, let down at the end of October, were "zero" — Vitebsk is still no national anthem.

City council announced the second round, which should be completed at the end of this year, and promised to announce the results as early as 2011, the year on January 15.

Townspeople to discuss the proposed options do not offer. Compliance "status of Vitebsk as an independent administrative and territorial unit of Vitebsk region, which has its own personality, historical and cultural value," as it is written in terms of competition, will again be determined by the jury, composed of local residents also reported.

The story of the hymn reminds citizens last year's competition to design the monument, which the city authorities were going to install in Vitebsk before June this year.

Calls for proposals monument to Princess Olga, Duke Vytautas and Alexander Nevsky, proclaimed last fall, the first time, too, did not take place. And conducted a second round, after, as a sculptor and architect suggests that should be corrected in their projects. However, as a result there was no, or not: the power of the promised monuments no longer remember, but for the monument to Duke Vytautas has even prepared a pedestal.



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