Anti-smoking law in force

Today our country has entered into force anti-smoking law. Free to drag on a cigarette is now almost nowhere.

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Alive smoking room?

In Ufa, at the airport, it turned out that the day before the entry into force of the anti-smoking law at the International Airport "Ufa" there is the fourth smoking room. It is located in the terminal internal transport.

Got special glass cabins and large theaters of the city. And many colleges have long Ufa smoking room equipped with natural ventilation in the form of covered porches away from the main academic building. In some there are attached to the walls with posters of the image of the internal organs of a smoker and force them to clean themselves as a "smoking room".

In Yekaterinburg, the first special smoking booths equipped the building … theaters. Two years ago, Theatre for Young Audiences at his own expense a booth set, designed for two-smokers. The same appeared Theater of Musical Comedy and the House of Actors. In other public places smoking shelter — a big gimmick. We found it in only one of a dozen major shopping centers million city.

Equip the space for smokers not in a hurry or city government or business. "We do not believe it is necessary to invest money from the budget to the construction of special booths, it is too costly. Spend on it will be except that the businessmen who will be able to earn good money on the equipment of the booths. Example, you can make the entrance fee — 5 rubles for something to smoke one cigarette, "- said the head of the press service of the administration of Ekaterinburg Denis Sukhorukov.

When and how will be punished for violation of the anti-smoking law

But from the business owners of the structures only international airport Koltsovo fully taken care of the passengers smoking: in the terminal building last summer in full compliance with the law are equipped with 4 rooms for smoking (for comparison: at the railway station, where no less a passenger, no) .

The international airport "Vladivostok" by June 1, also came in ready. "We have four rooms equipped for smoking, — says Director of Corporate Communications Enterprise Eugene Hamitsevich. According to her, they did not have to allocate specifically, they have been provided for the project — a new building was built for the APEC summit which took place in September 2012. Rooms are in areas of high comfort and "sterile" areas of international and domestic lines.

There are specially equipped area for smokers and the airport of Rostov. But, the truth, only in the international sector. At the railway station or specially provided for smoking cabins available.

In the city of Perm in the Park of Culture and Rest named after Maxim Gorky to prepare for the implementation of the Law on the prohibition of smoking in public places have begun as early as the time when the bill was discussed only. In anticipation of the 2011 season there organized a five-equipped places for smoking. To teach the rest to follow the rules, we had to call for help community members. The first time was on duty in the so-called "Green Patrol", in which a volunteer were frequent visitors to the park of the number of pensioners and young mothers.

The Perm State National Research University from June 1 will be signs to inform you of the smoking ban in the wrong places. To date, the university buildings there are specially equipped rooms for smoking. In the near future such places, with tents and stalls, to appear on campus. Enforcement will be the responsibility of the security service of the University, but to report to the deans of the faculties of offenders everyone can. At the punishment may even be an exception worst offenders among the students.

Prior to the entry into force of the law banning smoking in public places in the stadium, "Star", where he spent home matches of FC "Amkar" could smoke in the stands. The exception was the so-called family sector, which prohibited smoking in the internal rules of the stadium. But on the first of June, smoking will be prohibited in all the stands. Compliance with the law will control the special stewards — mostly employees of private security firms and the usual number of viewers indifferent. Because they do not have the right to use force or withdraw from the stadium smokers for "education" violators they will seek the help of the police, who are on duty outside the territory of the stadium bowl.

It is not known whether management will take a decision about the stadium, the fans turned in their cigarettes at the entrance to the stadium. Time for reflection is, as the new Premier League season kicks off only championship on July 16.

By the way, as shown by an anonymous survey in Chuvashia, in 72% of cafes, bars and restaurants smoking areas identified only outdoor venues. Thus one of the main arguments of their owners is that cost effective prohibition, rather than permit smoking in the hall.

Annus deliberandi

As explained by experts, "RG", a ban on smoking tobacco, for example, in areas designated for the provision of public services, trade services, catering, indoor markets, trading in non-stationary objects come into force until 1 June 2014.

So many places on the equipment, smoke-free, local authorities have a whole year. What decision they make — time will tell.

Enterprise services business Tver already working on the problem, preparing areas for smoking. Multi-family, however, the house has not conducted meeting of the owners to make a decision about the abduction or create spetsmest smoking on its territory.

Personal comment

Personally, I'm with the adoption of this law quietly exhaled. I was waiting for the bill year, and during that time was etched with tobacco smoke in their entryway. The issue was decided in a meeting of owners, but the lobby of our smokers was stronger. And, finally, smokers have banned smoking, thereby causing irreparable harm not only to their own way, but the health of other people. Hurrah! Anti-smoking lobby has won!

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