Anticyclone next week will bring hot weather in central Russia

Blocking anticyclone next week will bring in European Russia hot weather with temperatures up to 30 degrees, which will last up to two weeks, told the head of Hydromet Alexander Frolov.

"In the whole European territory of Russia set next week blocking anticyclone, as in 2010. It will bring the temperature to 28-30 degrees and will last from five days to two weeks," — said Frolov.

He added that the rainfall in central Russia is not expected, the weather will be "not only hot, but dry."

However, the MOE is predicting high fire danger in the heart of Russia in connection with the arrival of the anticyclone.

"Emergencies involving fire-abnormal development of the situation by the end of summer in the European part of Russia is not expected", — the head of the center "Antistikhia" MES of Russia Vladislav Bolov.

Blocking anticyclone in 2010 was the cause of the heat wave in Russia. In the summer and fall of a great part of the territory of Russia flared strongest natural fires. In the 19 subjects of the federation suffered 199 settlements, 3.2 thousand houses were burned, killed 62 people.

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