Antihrap — application for Android

Application for phones and tablets on the OS Android, created by Russian developer, based on real medical prerparate. The prototype is worn on the arm like a watch. Fixing the sound of snoring, the prototype forces the user to get out of the deep sleep (but not to wake up at all). But if, for example, a hand under the blanket (which happens often), the prototype does not work.

Alternatively, the developer offers a simple but effective way to get rid of snoring. When the application captures the sound of snoring, the phone gently awakens the person. Not fully awaken, but to bring out of a deep sleep, causing the swap position. In this case 87% of the subjects stopped snoring. See also visual video.

The basic idea of the program. If this method does not work for you personally, then you'll know about it without buying an expensive device.
The program prompts user 3 ways (the user can choose any) flash, vibration, unpleasant sound. In the full version you can choose all three at the same time.
First, the sound of snoring is not pleasant, according to aesthetic reasons. Second, prevent good sleep. Third, snoring can cause headaches and shortness of breath.
The program allows you to program a very fine adjustment of the calibration and activation. One can choose the frequency and duration of sounds, vibration bursts. The user will understand what kind of impact it needs to stop him snoring. Some people will need only one short sound (squeak insect). On the other will act frequent flash diode and screaming angry cat.

Along with the paid version, which costs only (as compared to the purchase of a special device, which is based on the idea of the app) 95 Roubles, there is a free version. There are different versions of settings.

During the first week of the app hit the top health for Android.

Link to Play.Google:

After the publication has received many similar comments. To not answer every commentator is the same, we are here at the bottom of the text, combine comments and responses.

Hmm too, do not say anything, necessary vesch. Surely bring Russia into the lead in the field of a thread.

Thank you for your comment. It is very interesting and useful to formulate a response.
Yes, the developer does not create a nuclear-powered icebreakers and radars on oil money. It creates a little food for young people at his own expense. In our country, and before that in the Soviet Union, many things have been for industrial and military use, but nothing — for young people. Therefore, we do not have their TV sets, telephones, and even chewing gum. Everyone, including even the bread, our country buys, selling only oil and raw materials.
The developer creates a product through their brains. This product is primarily bought abroad, and money is coming in Russia. Developer returns, albeit still a penny, but it returns the money to the country.
After 40 years, oil is over, and only those people will be able to raise Russia and bring her the money at the expense of their brains.
We'll see atsame. Russians are buying the device for snoring and will buy. These devices are manufactured in China. And, then, all these sums go to Chinese manufacturers. The developer offers a free analogue, through which some of the money that would have gone to China, will remain in the country.
Let's see more atsame. If these programs and products become popular, then look at this example of a new generation, and followed him. And, thanks to a grain of sand, as GlobalApps R and, of course, other small developers, in a domino effect, the country can form a layer of professionals who bring money into the country through their brains.

Who are GlobalApps R? I do not know them. How could someone I do not know, do something good?
GlobalApps R (R in the title means "Russian") — is a group of friends who have decided that they can do something useful. Everyone works in their area, and there is a salary. Application development is currently ongoing at no charge, for the love of art. Those amounts are received from the sale of applications that do not cover the cost of maintaining the server and the website.

In the Russian market for paid apps is not developed yet. So selling apps Russians are not more than 1%. Mostly in Russian downloaded free versions. But the other 99% — this is money that comes from abroad to our country. Why do they do this? For oil? Raw? No. Only in the brain. As a joke one of the programmers that "out of the country on different data took $ 90 billion in the 12th year, and we sold the application abroad for $ 100. Remains to sell another 90 billion, and we will return everything back." That's what these people are thinking.
The developers decided that they can make a contribution, to create their own, and may be glorified. Because they have a lot of ideas. If this activity has begun to generate income, so maybe they would deal with the more tightly. But it is not a prerequisite.
Development of applications of this group of friends started less than a year ago. Basically released free versions. Applications load all over the world and get good grades users.

Why are you here we promote?

The fact is that, and it's easy to check the website Play.Google, from developer downloaded by thousands daily. The program "Antiradar" 50 million people in Russia and 300 million worldwide, and up to 4,000 downloads daily. An article on this site reads a maximum of 100 people. In 20 of these Android phones, and 5 of them may download our program. Appendix "Antihrap" now downloading 100 people every day, and this figure is growing at 5-10% per day. That is, 5 out of 100 people who read the article will not make any weather and will not bring any increase in popularity of the product, which loads 100 people around the world daily round.

Developer's site is visited by 200 people, and this stuff will read no more than 100 in total.

Therefore, it can not be advertising. Or if was, it is extremely silly and ineffective, given the time spent on the creation of the material (reads and replies to comments) time.

Appearance on this site is associated with the subject site "Made us." This product is made from us.

This product — scam
This application is based on a real medications. This drug is used by hundreds of thousands of people. Free version of the application holds more functions than the drug. So, on the contrary, the developer has not to buy an expensive drug, and replace it with a free app built into the phone.
Appendix "Antihrap" for 4 days got into the top 10 new health for Android, which suggests that people use them to recommend to friends, and it helps someone. And someone does not help, and it removes the program.

This product is — divorce
Divorce — is when someone is trying to hype a person to extract money or information. The developer does not produce viruses that steal financial information. All products of this developer are primarily free version. Each product can be used free of charge. Then what is the divorce? Through the creation of the application "Antihrap" Now people from the most remote villages, where at least there is a mobile connection can instantly download the app to your phone and use it. Instead of ordering by mail application prototype, a physical device "Antihrap", which is expensive and which we must wait for a few months. If you personally, this method does not work, you can find out for free, with the free version. Then what is the divorce? Paid versions have extended functionality, and if you want, but no one makes it to do, you can support the developer buying the full version. If the product has helped and loved and handy, you can download the extended version. But it is not necessary to do so.

Nature does not knowingly invented the deeper stages of sleep. Breaking it, we cut your life, and do various other horrors. Unnatural break this phase.
Nature also came up with cancer. And just as unnatural on the idea of the nature of the surgical intervention. No one makes use of this product. Pleasant to wear a mouth guard to someone or do the operation. And someone wants to use the application. Here is a simple version of the proposed solutions.

But what about the peaceful sleep of who sleeps around? I am very worried for him.
First of all, the one who sleeps nearby, suffers from snoring. Second, the application has a lot of options as to protect the person who is sleeping next to the impact of the program. For example, volume or flash. Or vibration. If the phone will vibrate on the pillow next to the user on the far side of his roommate, he is unlikely to be disturbed by the latter.
In addition, the developer does not say that, finally solved the problem of snoring, and that the product is ideal and perfect.

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