Anyone can become a magician

November 29, 2011 19:05


Thanks to the hype caused by the release of the last film of the saga of Harry Potter, the Austrian school of wizards and witches, expands the number of students and courses.

Wishes to become a magician GROWS

When the IT-expert Andreas Starchel left work, changed his name to the Great Wizard Dakanet and opened an international school for wizards and witches in 2003, most people think he was crazy. Today, however, in his magical institution learns many students from all over the world, and with the release of the last "Harry Potter" wanting to become a magician was more.

The first course on witchcraft Andreas with his partner offered in 1998 as a three-year program consisting of monthly workshops for those who are able to come to Klagenfurt, located 220 miles from Vienna.

Alas, most of the students lived too far from school, so few of whom have to attend seminars, and then the program was reorganized in semimodulnuyu system of full-time and distance learning. At the end of each module, students must pass a test and write a thesis on the protected object.

True, the one who wants out of high school to become a rival of Harry Potter will be disappointed: it is not taught to fly on a broomstick and use magic wand. The program of activities is no such thing as "the protection of the dark forces," as well as there are no stories about the "Dark Lord", described the British author JK Rolling.

Andreas Starchel says that created the school to release the magic of flying mysticism. Nevertheless, his institution promises to make diligent students of these magicians.

Students of the International School of wizards and witches learn with special spells the rain, the wind, love, hate, and other feelings and natural phenomena.

In addition, they receive detailed information about astrology, history, magic, botany, herbology, arts management magical energy, learn to meditate, tell fortunes, and lot of time to cook and the other a love potion making talismans and execution of special, magical rituals.

All rates are based on magic basic science, but brought up to date and altered it slightly to magical way.

Students spend a lot of time in communion with nature, learning to find in a beautiful mountain area of the right herbs and cook for one potion, and are looking for a special magical place, giving strength.
"All of what is taught and what is taught in our school, it can be demonstrated in natural science and psychological methods, — says Andreas Starchel students in the classroom. — We learn everything there is to know and be able to become a real magician, that is to have all-encompassing knowledge of the world and a well developed intuition. Mages are not born. Everyone can learn magic. "


Large role in the "school program" emphasis on studying the heritage druids — priests of the ancient Celts. Also, students are exposed to pseudo-science, using theories which in no case should a real magician.

"In the past, in contrast to the present, the ability of wizards and witches is not in question. Society acknowledges that they can anticipate and interpret different phenomena. They were considered as mediators between the real and the otherworldly worlds — says Starchel. — Etymologically, the term "witch" ("Sage") means a person who has a magical gift is on the boundary between the worlds. The goal of our courses is to reconnect with nature, which, unfortunately, has been lost in modern society. "

Books and films about Harry Potter really helped unusual institution. "We call the children and ask whether they can leave their school and go to us" — admits Starchel.

During its existence, the school has faced a lot of criticism, mostly from religious people who believe witchcraft is the devil's work, Starchel claims that teaches in harmony with nature, and not the devil.

The school principal does not believe that indulges sinful pursuits. "Magic — he explains — is very close to nature and its activities in this case has nothing to do with religion, we just learn to deal with the forces of nature. The purpose of education — to transmit the ancient knowledge of witches and wizards. "

Previously, training was planned for three years. He is now revised and enlarged due to the large amount of knowledge to be transmitted to students.

"Witchcraft has nothing to do with folk images of evil witches with green faces and warts on the nose — explains Starchel. — Mage — a mature man living in harmony with nature. "

After studying all subjects students write a thesis and pass a written examination in seven subjects, including: the search for sources of energy in nature and management, holiticheskoe healing, ritual magic. Successfully completed the Austrian school of magic and witchcraft.

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