Aphorisms about women

Women's intuition is much more accurate than men's confidence. R. Kipling Women's immediate instinct may sometimes be more valuable than any logical arguments. Arthur Conan Doyle Get married, no matter what. If you got a good wife, you'll be the exception, and if the bad will become a philosopher. Socrates Women created in order to be loved, and not in order to be understood. Oscar Wilde [cut] It would be easier to reconcile all Europe than a few women. Louis XIV As bad men do not think about women, any woman thinks of them even worse Nicolas Chamfort There are two ways to command the woman, but nobody knows Frank Hubbard Intuition is given to a woman in order to guess the intentions of a man of whom he does not know Jean Delacour Since able to write mostly men, all the unhappiness in the world have been attributed to women Samuel Johnson Men who speak badly about women usually have in mind only one Remy de Gurmon killed a woman — and saved the beaver … mink and sable … and crocodile … Hurry … a woman — the same thing as trying to speed up computer boot. The program still has to fulfill all the necessary things and obviously still many things that always remains hidden from our understanding. A beautiful woman pleases the male gaze, ugly — a female. I love you! I will love you and in sorrow and in joy before the wedding! Ancient wisdom says, "What do women want, God wants it." — So, God wants flowers, a famous French perfume and married. The woman — a weak, defenseless creature, from which it is impossible to escape. Women have played down: age, weight, shoe size and the number of men that they were. And men are exaggerated: including the fact that women play down. Any skirt looks best on the back of a chair. Women are divided on the young and the others. (Zhvanetskiy) Man forgives and forgets. Woman forgives all. (Zherfo) One who can control a woman cope with the state (Balzac) The most beautiful makeup woman — her passion. But it is easier to buy cosmetics. Yves Saint Laurent Holiday Day on March 8 for the flower trade workers love a married woman is a great thing. Married men is not even dream.

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