Apocalypse 2012 is canceled. We will live!

Maya outraged "amateurish interpretation" of their ancestors calendar

The leaders of one of the largest pre-Columbian cultures of Central American tribes officially stated that, in contrast to the story of the famous Hollywood blockbuster, terrestrial civilization not only did not die in 2012, but the promise to get a new development. Scientists agree fully with anger and optimism Mayan descendants.

It's hard to say why it is extremely questionable hypothesis that the ancient Mayans predicted the end of the world in 2012, based on the translation of the inscriptions on the stele in Chiapa de Corzo, was picked up with unprecedented enthusiasm. However, after a number of pseudo-scientific books on the subject is a film-catastrophe Ronald Emmerich's "2012", according to which the world as we know it will disappear in just three years. And let this nonsense, got a grand spectacle.

As at first it seemed a fiction and conjecture from the famous Hollywood screenwriter Harold Kloser all right. Skillfully using data from the diaries of the Maya legends and visionaries Ibero-American countries, he was able to present their own vision of the apocalypse, which found understanding at this venerable "creator fantasy genre," as directed by Emmerich.

Indeed, the "2012" has become a truly iconic painting, not only brought their creators millions in rental income, but also in the international community caused a wave of philosophical reasoning, religious debates and academic discussions. "I did not expect such a hype around this film — say later Emmerich. — Anyone going out on the wide screen film about the so-called end of the world — it's either a target for attacks by critics and religious fanatics, or guide to the future. In my last job was a cross: thinking about the day to come, critics attacked her with such anger, though it is not a work of art in general, and about the documentary study of the Bible and calendar pre-Columbian Indians. "

However, we should make a small reservation. With anger by the creators of "2012" does not suddenly hit the world-renowned film critics, not the clergy, and even scientists. Conversely, the infamous blockbuster generally received accolades in prestigious American journals, the theme of salvation of all living things in the ark resonated with religious leaders and experts, futurists have been forced to admit that described in the "2012" apocalypse scenario is quite right to exist. And to the very Emmerich claims no one makes — the father of Hollywood action figure is considered untouchable.

A kind of moral and legal knife was stuck in the back of Harold Kloser. And those who screenplay considered the most innocuous from a legal point of view subjects of law. On the eve of the new, 2010 one of the elders of the Maya in El Salvador officially stated that about any apocalypse supposedly predicted by the ancient Indian calendar is not out of the question. Say, the end of an era and the beginning of the fifth period of the sixth sun, according to the belief of the Central American natives, does not mean the collapse of civilization.

"The fact that 21 December 2012 on the current reckoning will begin a new era in human development, our ancestors really had predicted — the priest said Maya from San Joaquin Salvador Reyes. — But they never said that all men must die. Calendar of our ancestors — it is likely a warning to future generations. New life must necessarily come, say our gods. However, it should not come at the expense of the destruction of the old life. "

According to some, the Mayan priests from throughout Mexico and Guatemala to Honduras and Colombia have already issued a communiqué, which essentially boils down to a seemingly simple formula: the sunset of mankind will come only when all living things will want to kill yourself, that in itself is absurd .

In 2011, presumably a high probability of major accidents — perhaps one of the most ambitious in the XXI century. The same tense configuration of the Sun, Uranus and Black Moon was recorded in 1927 — year of yet another record earthquake in China. By the way, horoscope 2012, which seems to be another end of the world, just no specific shocks and does not foretell.

"I have the honor to refute rumors of a terrible prediction calendar of our ancestors — continues to Joaquin Reyes. — The world is faced with his truly amateurish interpretation. This interpretation is dangerous in itself, as it can cause panic among the population. No global catastrophe predicted by the ancient Mayans did not, so people should live and enjoy life. And, of course, at your leisure to think about the future — both his and his planet. "

According to the data via a common Latin American media, representatives of the Mayan even intend to sue the writer "2012" for allegedly trying to discredit the beliefs of ethnic Indians in Central America. According to rumors, the principal defendant in this case should act exactly screenwriter "2012."

Harold Kloser himself has so far refused to comment on the subject. Meanwhile, U.S. insurance companies have relied on a Hollywood blockbuster, is actively developing plans to protect your investment.

"The theme of the end of time really was for all of us topical — said in an interview with the Western press, the Mexican Catholic bishop Joan Deu. — Amid the frenzied growth of technology, increasing the number of cars, pollution, ongoing technological disasters people somehow automatically paints a picture of the apocalyptic. The fear of the so-called problem-2012 — proof. But if members of the Ibero-American indigenous cultures say that the Mayan Calendar stupid joke, then the way it is. "

It should be particularly noted that rumors and gossip around the upcoming three years of doom cashed thousands of scams around the world. For example, in Australia, some company began collecting money to build superkovchega, able to withstand the shock wave of the atomic bomb, to overcome the consequences of the flood, and even ride on the Earth's orbit global cooling. Tickets to "rescue ship" like a Hollywood movie, was sky-high — from $ 20 million. At present, the activity of "saviors" by local police. Similar events are held periodically in the U.S., Canada, UK and Germany.

Similarly, speculations on the Mayan culture must end, believe the high priests of the Indian people. So, the end of the world Mayan spill — 2012 is postponed.

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