Architectural design portals tunnel complexes number 1 and number 3 in the Afternoon

Decided to supplement its previous post two other tunnels. 

Making portals first and third tunnel complexes combined railway and road Adler — skiing resort "Alpica Service" will be performed in the same style by the project developed specifically for the Olympic track.


For registration portal is supposed to use different finishes — natural granite, ceramic tiles and aluminum panels, of which the application will be made in the upper parts of the rail portals.

— The greatest amount of finishing work to be done on the southern tunnel portals — said Jaroslav Beer, project manager, a representative of "SMU" Front Engineering ", designed and marketed the project.

— This is due to the fact that it is in these places start all three underground area: road tunnel, rail tunnel and a service tunnel, forming a uniform facades tunnel complexes. The lower part of the walls of portals will be decorated with black and gray granite top — sand-colored ceramic tiles. The arches of railway tunnels will be decorated with aluminum panels, which in addition to the decorative and protective functions execute, minimizing the impact of the environment on the concrete surface.

Given the short time the whole of the combined road construction, work on the architectural and artistic design is now deployed on all portals of the first and the third tunnel complexes.

The total area of facing surfaces of nearly 4 million square meters. Complete the work on the design of portals has been planned for the beginning of May.

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