Arctic oil processed antikorroziykoy of Volokolamsk

During the construction of an oil pipeline in permafrost for the first time used a two-layer epoxy coating system Scotchkote.

"All of pile construction (pipes) above-ground part of the pipeline Polar — purpe protected from corrosion by a two-layer epoxy coating system," — said in a release "3M".

To implement the project, the company localized the production of epoxy powder coating plant in Volokolamsk. It is possible to propose as a two-layer coating system 3M Scotchkote 226N / 8352N total thickness of 800-900 microns, composed entirely of components manufactured in Russia.

The coating is applied on pile pipe Vyksa Steel Works (VSW).

"Prior to the implementation of this project concerns the safety of Russian experts call a two-layer anti-corrosion coating for transport and construction. Today, the main pipe volume already delivered to the object without damage to the coating, which means that the material has proven their efficiency and reliability in terms Russian ", — Listed in the release, the words of Ilya Kondratiev marketing department of special materials and corrosion resistant coatings "3M Russia."

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