Area 51

One of the most mysterious places on the planet is the so-called Area 51, also known as "Paradise Ranch", "Land of Dreams" and "Watertown area." Zone 51 is an American military base, where, according to unconfirmed reports, is developing new aircraft and weapons systems. Is so top secret military facility in Southern Nevada, about a hundred kilometers from Las Vegas, on the southern shore of dry salt lake Groom Lake.

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The world first heard of Area 51 and 27 January 1951, when there was made the world's first explosion of a nuclear charge. Since then, the area has not once used as a testing ground, and according to official figures there were as many as 928 produced explosions!

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However, the most famous Area 51 was due to the rumor that the military base crashed flying saucer, and the military are working on it like a flying machine. Perhaps this rumor would not produce such an effect if it were not some ufologists and scientists from related fields, who stated that on a military base is not really just crashed alien ship, but also the bodies of his "pilots"!

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Of course no one could confirm this information with real facts, and the military simply silent. However, by the Area 51 has been drawn attention of many people. There was a lot of so-called UFO Hunters, which are specifically stayed the night a few miles from a military base in the hope of seeing an alien spaceship. But the most incredible thing that some of them were able not only to see firsthand the UFO, but to capture it on film!


All of this simply could not remain unnoticed by Chris Carter (creator of the cult TV series 90th "X-Files"). So one episode of the first season of the show is devoted to just a mysterious military base in the sky over which Mulder and Scully watched some unidentified flying objects!

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UFO witnesses there were a lot, and one and all declared that they have seen in the sky over the military base flying objects made such maneuvers, which are not under the forces of even the most modern aircraft! Such statements are indirectly confirmed the version of that on a military base are really engaged in the development of new flying machines built by alien technology! But years have passed, and this version is and remains just a version of …

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Like any other secret military site Area 51 is protected from prying eyes. The military base is located in the middle of the Nevada desert at an altitude of 1500 meters. Find the base of the desert for the uninitiated is almost impossible. The area is literally dotted with numerous roads, but none of them are not marked and lead to nowhere.

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If you still get to the military base, then rest assured — for you or already watched, or have already left! The fact is that in the vicinity of Area 51 is placed a number of hidden cameras, but if you come to a secret facility was too close to you necessarily will send guard.

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Vicinity of Area 51 military patrol jeep, and at night in the sky furrowed helicopters with searchlights. In general, the Area 51 secret really object! Fly there a UFO? I do not know, but something to "Paradise Ranch" all still there …

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