Area of forest fires in Siberia grows

During the day, the area of forest fires in Siberia has increased by almost 873 hectares. Rescuers managed to eliminate 66 fires in 7704 acres, but to representatives of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, 110 fire outbreaks continue to act on 6738 hectares of taiga, 44 of which 2609 hectares are located.
Representatives of the regional center of Russian Emergencies Ministry reported that two large and is not localized fire in the area of 1639 hectares are in Zhigalovskii district of Irkutsk region and Buryatia Kurumkansk area. "Threats to the fire spreading to communities not," — emphasized in the department.
The main causes of forest fires are dry thunderstorms and imprudent treatment of people with fire. Over the past day the inspectors forest protection and forest rangers conducted 426 raids on the search for such offenders, 12 of which the administrative report for violation of forest fire safety.
In fighting forest fires busy 2390 FFA rescuers, emergency, volunteers, 539 units. Four Mi-8 helicopters to transport troops involved and extinguish wildfires in the Trans-Baikal and Krasnoyarsk territories. They carried out 20 sorties, carried 66 paratroopers dropped on the pockets of fire 60 tons of water.
In Siberia continue to operate 43 thermal spots that were confirmed as small fires and decay of lichens (Transbaikal region — ten -15 Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk region — one, the Republic of Buryatia — 17), in which workers are putting 717 people and 118 vehicles.
In the management of Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring, warned that in the next day you may experience the highest forest fire, the 5th, the hazard class in 27 districts of the three Siberian territories. In 26 districts of six subjects expected class 4 fire danger. Rescuers have already developed detailed projections on the most dangerous areas, specify the composition of the group of forces and funds raised for disaster management, ITAR-TASS reported.

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