Area of forest fires in Siberia has decreased from 23 to 18 thousand hectares

The area of forest fires in the Siberian Federal District, a day has fallen from more than 23 thousand hectares to 17.8 thousand hectares, said Tuesday the county Department of Forestry.

"As of July 31, on the forest lands of the Siberian Federal District, as a result of forest protection experts, the Federal Reserve" Avialesookhrana "and a force of subjects, the area of forest fires has decreased 1.3 times," — said in a statement.

According to authorities, a day were eliminated 45 fires, including seven large, over an area of 8.75 thousand hectares, is localized — 28 fires, including eight large, over an area of 4.3 thousand hectares. During the day, the fire was 3.3 thousand hectares of forest.

To extinguish fires in the area were involved 3.7 thousand people, 340 pieces of fire equipment, 23 air cushion. The works were involved in more than 360 specialists from the Federal Reserve "Avialesookhrana."

Number of wildfires in the Tomsk region, as the department began to decline. Currently in the region there are 35 forest fires in the area of just over 8000 hectares, for a day was extinguished seven fires in the area of 4000 hectares, ten are located on three thousand acres. In the Tomsk region there are 1.5 thousand people, including more than 300 paratroopers, 124 units of fire equipment and eight aircraft.

Area of fires in the Krasnoyarsk region decreased by 1.4 times, there now recorded 73 fire on the area 8.5 thousand hectares, and eliminated a day were 28 fires in the area of 4.7 thousand hectares, including one major fire in Kotinskaya forestry. In the Krasnoyarsk Territory in extinguishing fires with more than two thousand people, including more than 330 paratroopers and 169 pieces of fire equipment and 14 aircraft.

In the Republic of Tuva are 15 forest fires in the area of 1,3 hectares. In the Irkutsk region has one forest fire in the area of 15 hectares.

"As of today, in the Siberian Federal District operates 124 forest fires in the area of 17.793 thousand hectares", — the report says.

Threats to human settlements and economic facilities in the area do not.

Abnormally hot, dry weather lasts for two months in most regions of the Siberian Federal District. The background temperature reaches the mark of more than 35 degrees. According Rosgidrometeotsentra in the next day in the district is expected to partly cloudy, light rain.

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