Argun sugar factory in the active pace continues to work on a sugar beet processing

The processing plant sweet roots running since 1961. However, due to certain events in the region of the production of sugar were terminated more than 10 years. Just since 2008, the plant received a new breath. More than 50% of obsolete equipment was replaced, almost all of the production is automated.

During the sugar refining — from September to the end of December — will accept and process about 50,000 tons. sugar beet.
Round the clock trucks supplies to the plant from the fields of agrarian republic of about 800-1200tn sugar beet productivity in 2000-2500 bags of sugar a day.

Beets, first of all getting on the sugar factory, weighed on electronic scales that measure up to the roots grams.

Also here there is a special laboratory that tests the level of sugar in the beet. According to National Standards, it should not be lower than 12 percent.

The plant is also laying machine — shoulder. It has several functions. It cleans and distributes fruit. Also here are established powerful stone traps and traps straw. They further purified beet.

According to the Department of Horticulture, chemicals and plant protection of the Ministry of Agriculture in the Czech Republic 11.09.2012g. all, from the beginning of harvest agrarians harvested Republic 90 ha of sugar beet gross harvest of 2,384 tons with an average yield of 265 hectares tsn.s.
The fields after the harvesting of sugar beets will be ready for sowing of winter crops.


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