Army aviation Eastern Military District, increasing the intensity of flights

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In Primorye, the airbase Army Aviation "Chernigovka" Eastern Military District (OIE), held training flights of combat helicopters Ka-52 "Alligator", Mi-8AMTSh "Terminator" admitted to the air base in the autumn of last year, as well as the modernized Mi- 24.
A short pre-flight briefing, the last check of all systems and the first to go to heaven new Ka-52, or as they are called, "Alligators." In the training program — missile launches and aircraft cannons firing at ground targets on the range.

The movement at the airport and dense like clockwork. Takeoffs, landings, replenishment of ammunition and over in the sky. Pilots more than 100 times raise their rotorcraft in the air. Only one flight day was made more than 50 combat exercises.

The first scheduled flights "Alligator" on the program of combat training began in autumn 2011 A for 2012 this squadron was fully re-new combat helicopters.

Almost all pilots airbase in the past year has gained theoretical knowledge and practical skills for managing new machines at the Center for the deployment and retraining pilots of army aviation in Torzhok. It is especially gratifying that the new combat helicopters are actively developing young pilots.

In the skies above the airfield another novelty — Mi-8AMTSh — Transport assault modification of the famous "eight", which entered service Chernigov Air Base along with the Ka-52.

Today, without these machines simply impossible to imagine the army aviation. Its objective is to transport needed supplies, infantry fire support, landing personnel, etc.

According to the air base commander Colonel Dmitry Zemlyakova, all the crews worked well, fully completed the tasks on the fly, successfully hit targets on the ground. He said that last year alone, the intensity of the exercise of the flight at an air base increased by almost a factor of 2. And for the first two months of this year have increased by 30%.

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