Army aviation WEST enriched Mi-28N

March 26,AEX.RU— From today, engineers and technicians of the Air Force Association and the Air Defence of the Western Military District has begun to receive two Mi-28N is based on the "Rostvertol" (Rostov-on-Don). Western Military District (WEST) will receive from the "Rostvertol" (Rostov-on-Don) in its membership the first two Mi-28N "Night Hunter". Receipt of this type of helicopter will significantly expand the capabilities of army aviation in the region, the press service of the cooling zone.


"In the first half of April, two of the crew on the Mi-28N from the Center for Training and retraining of pilots of army aviation (Torzhok) will perform the relocation of the base taken by helicopter training center. Torzhok (Tver region). Aircrew air bases Army Air Corps in the Western Military District, started practical development. And after passing the practical retraining and passing the required standards of the first crew to get WEST admission to flying in helicopters of this type and will make their own flight to the base airfield ", — the press-service of the county. To date, the crews of the Mi-28N has completed the theoretical training, instruction in piloting, navigation and combat use of specialized simulators for new STV-28. Crews during preflight training on simulators to automatism worked out all the action in non-emergency situations and in different climatic conditions at extremely low altitudes, as in the daytime and night time, noted in the secondary cooling zone. Mi-28N "Night Hunter" is designed to find and destroy tanks and other armored vehicles, as well as little-speed air targets. The helicopter is used by gun, 30 mm anti-tank missile "Ataka-V", the missiles air-to-air and other weapons. High aircraft performance and handling characteristics allow the helicopter to conduct air combat maneuvering. Helicopter is fitted with avionics and instruments, providing the use of a helicopter around the clock in adverse weather conditions at low altitudes. Design features ensure high survivability of the helicopter and crew survival in the face of strong enemy fire. The Mi-28N "Night Hunter" is developed and produced by the companies of the holding company "Helicopters of Russia".

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