Art project Warm Kiev

February 8 opposite the exit of the station. Metro "Khreschatyk" opened a grand installation. It established a six-meter knitted cap, and the trees and tied a mobile coffee-colored yarn. To create yarnbombinga * took 1.5 n threads. Look at the work done Machine knitting can be up to 17 February.

The authors of the project — two young people — wanted to give the capital of something "bright and warm during the dark days of February." As part of an art project creators will acquaint residents and guests with the movement yarnbombinga, talk about the idea of the project and the secrets of street knitted "graffiti".

* Yarnbombing (yarn bombing — fabric, knitted graffiti) — A new street art movement activists, "yarn bombers". If the traditional graffiti as an art space used building walls and fences, the fabric works are placed on objects landscapes and urban architecture.


Six-meter knitted cap, was tied with two cars, cafe tables, lamps, and about five trunks of trees will be placed on Khreschatyk Street, 17. All visitors will be able to see the free installation art project "Warm Kiev" and find a new kind of street art graffiti — yarnbombing.

"The main exhibit — this hat made from yarn, which is mounted on a metal frame. Having tied things look like in the case. They are knitted from yarns and then sewn together," — said one of the organizers of Tatiana Savitsky.

According to her, for the preparation of the installation wizard, using 1.5 quintals of yarn of different colors.

"It's tied people from all over Ukraine. And given what they did rather quickly, involving many people. Technically, the idea is quite difficult to organize, including permits and other nuances. In anything like the same scale in Ukraine was not. We investigated and found out that tied with a few trees in Lviv and something in Kherson, "- said the organizer.



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