Artem Dubski was detained in Ukraine

Employees Zhytomyr police broke into the apartment was rented decoy "case 14" Artem Dubski, a former citizen of Belarus Igor Koktysh with his wife Irina, citizen of Belarus Vitaly Tyshchanka and his wife Tatiana and citizen of Ukraine Zakshevskiy.

Dubski girlfriend Tatiana Kosinchuk reported that Artem called her and said that the police broke into the apartment to look for drugs and weapons.

During the search, police found nothing. They forced the residents apartments sit in the car and took them to the police Royal district of Zhitomir.

There is no communication with the detainees.

Artem himself Dubskiy connects the police action with the active participation of the detainees in campaign, which recently took place in Zhitomir, as well as the organization of pickets against the death penalty in Belarus.


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