ASCON launches PLM-own components 3D-core

The company ASCON, a leading developer of engineering software for the design and management of data, represents the geometric kernel C3D — a key component for creating design systems (CAD) and their applications, settlement systems (CAE), training systems of control programs for CNC machines (CAM), process simulation.

ASCON develops its own geometric kernel since 1995. The first computer-aided design based on it KOMPAS-3D 5.9 was released in 2000. Since the core is continuously developed and reached a level that is sufficient for him to market for PLM-components as a standalone product.

As the number of potential users of the kernel C3D was comprised of CAD / CAM / CAE-systems, and application solutions that require the processing of three-dimensional models and two-dimensional graphics. Among them there are both Vendors and divisions of large industrial companies that create software for internal use. Third-party developers to use the kernel ASCON will expand the functionality of their products, improve their performance and reliability; quickly create a 3D-modeler based on the existing 2D-system, lower the cost of its own development.

Maxim Bogdanov, CEO of ASCON: "The decision to open access to our technology was a logical development of the natural geometrical core. Our faith in C3D and see the prospect for its application. On the market there are new players who need to develop their components CAD. Standard 2D- packets waiting for the inevitable transition in 3D, which requires making fundamental changes to the core system or replace it. market PLM-components is changing, and it is a place for the Russian company, behind which has 17 years of experience in the creation of the geometric kernel and recognized all over the world School of Mathematics. "

The main feature of the kernel ASCON — its solidity. At the core of C3D combines all the necessary components of the developer of application solutions:

— geometric modeling module C3D Modeler — geometric modeller, provides a sufficient range of options for solid and hybrid modeling, sketching and 2D-drawing
— module parameterization C3D Solver — solver parametric constraints, allows you to add and solve parametric constraints for 2D, and 3D geometry for
— module data translation C3D Converter — converter module provides read / write access to the basic geometric model interchange formats.

Even before the official release of the kernel C3D on the market it has its first user — the company "LO CNIT," the official distributor of Esprit CAM-system in Russia. Andrew Lovygin, director of "LO CNIT", commented, "We are among the first to work with the geometric modeling kernel from the company ASCON and can already demonstrate results. Just four months have managed to create a complete solid-state 3D-modeler, embedded in the CAM-system. Our choice was driven by a flexible price policy ASCON and good technical support, because the developer is in Russian, I am sure that ASCON with its kernel will achieve excellent results not only in our country but also in the international market. "

The first announcement of the core international S3D will be held today at the conference COFES (Congress On the Future of Engineering Software), Arizona (USA), where traditionally there are all leading players, market experts and CAD &PLM.

The core of C3D is available for a limited license to individual needs. Full access will be opened in January 2013.

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