Ask Sergey Ryzhov

The guest of the program "Freedom Night" today will be Sergey Ryzhov. Mr. Ryzhov, who retired from the election campaign, as his initiative group was unable to collect 100,000 signatures, today received an order for dismissal.

Mr Ryzhov allegedly fired for absenteeism. He told that today horticultural plant management "Novka" where he worked as the head of foreign economic relations, first advised him to write a statement on voluntary redundancy. When he refused, a warrant was issued for dismissal.

Former candidate for participation in the presidential election says that the threat of a possible dismissal heard from the director of the plant with the same time as learned of his intention to run. He also says that under pressure from the government now had to leave and head of the initiative group Daniel Gittsovich — He worked as a specialist sector of foreign trade at the same plant "Novka."

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