Asphalt is laid on the 21st bridge road Adler — skiing resort Alpika Service

On the road bridges and embankments the Adler — skiing resort "Alpika-Service" actively working on paving. Today the asphalt canvas laid on the 21st of twenty-two bridges road. Being actively laying pavement and subgrade of the road — the works are in the areas close to the village of Krasnaya Polyana.


— The technology of asphalt on earth embankment has its own characteristics, — said Elena Salas, engineer of the production department of the Sochi division of the company "BUILD TRUST" group company "IC BRIDGE". — First on the paved road to the project marks sub grade is laid crushed stone working layer thickness of 50 cm, after which the seal is the turn laying underlayment mixture of ballasts thickness of 15 centimeters. In general, the quality of the finished roadway depends on the professional work of traffic organization at this stage. After positive ratings supervisors Design Institute begins laying of the asphalt pavement, the pavement has a device. It consists of three layers, the first two of which are stacked with the device curb and barrier protection. The third layer of asphalt is the final layer, which must be carried out by road markings.

Currently contractors perform the work on laying two layers of asphalt. It was only after the break-in, the manifestations of possible defects and their elimination will take place finish laying the asphalt layer over the entire area and the route across the entire width of the road.

To date, the placing of the upper stone mastic asphalt layer ready 8 of 15 kilometers an earth embankment road lines combined road Adler — skiing resort "Alpika-Service."

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