Asphalt plant production of PJSC Kredmash launched in Ulyanovsk

In Nikolaev district opened a modern asphalt plant. The new plant will employ 12 people. For a more automated process is not necessary. Smart equipment knows the recipe of good asphalt.


Shadyshkov Alexander, director of the asphalt plant, says compares:"If early on that the plant, which we present here, weighing occurred on simple scales, of course, there were large errors. So here it is all done automatically with modern load cells, that is, those recipes that are necessary for the production of a certain brand of asphalt — They are kept very strictly. "

This year, for the maintenance of roads in the St. Nicholas area only allocated 16 million rubles. Repair — almost forty. All necessary equipment was purchased, and for asphalt now do not have to travel far.

Andrey Tyurin, Minister of Industry and Transport of the Ulyanovsk region, said:"Speaking for the whole of the southern districts of the bush, there is quite a favorable environment, roads are in good condition, however, the roads were repaired for a long time — 20-15 years ago, and in need of repair."

Will repair and provincial and municipal road. Particular attention will be paid socially important routes. That is, those roads on which buses are driven to school children. Security — above all. The developed infrastructure is of great importance for the economy. Good roads can lead to areas and investors and young professionals, according to officials.

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