Astrakhan company ASK — Window plant has completed the modernization

Today, the production capacity of the company1000 units per day. A year ago it was less than four times, and in 2008, when only upgrade planned, the plant produces only one product per day, that is, he now increased its capacity tenfold and became one of the largest in the South of Russian manufacturers of translucent constructions of PVC profiles.

The governor said he keeps "ASK — Window plant" in the field of view because "it is one of the companies that during the acute phase of the crisis went on modernization." The regional authorities have helped to make it — "Window plant" was among 195 companies, which this year received grants and subsidies from the regional Ministry of Economic Development — it was subsidized part of the payments for leasing equipment.

The updated production is fully computerized. A simple push of a button can be traced back at what stage the order. The company has its own line of insulating glass assembly, as well as equipment for facade aluminum structures of any type and complexity. General Director Eduard Amerhanov governor showed how the strict quality control system: on the shop floor are six test stands, which tested all the products are manufactured, tested the strength of welded joints, sealed glass units.

Increase production at high quality will strengthen not only at the Astrakhan market, but also to come to the neighboring regions and the near abroad. ASA opened representative offices in Volgograd, Stavropol, Saratov, Togliatti, Pyatigorsk. Dealer network includes more than 400 partners in the Astrakhan region and in the regions of Russia. The second year, the company works with partners in Kazakhstan — exports its products there.

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