Astrakhan innovative company has developed a gadget to display bezekrannym

  • As the inventor of the idea of the Astrakhan Maxim Kamanina long time no one believed.  Photo:
  • As the inventor of the idea of the Astrakhan Maxim Kamanina long time no one believed. Photo:


In late May, Astrakhan, LLC "Displair Company" has signed an agreement with a group of companies LETA Group, CEO Acrobator Bastian Godska, couchreditelem editor of East-West Digital News Adrian Henny, businessman Anton Karasevich and a member of the board of directors of "Yandex" Esther Dyson, according to which the project "foggy screen" will invest about $ 1 million.

While the prototype stage

New gadget — displair — projects the image onto the air screen that you can not only see and hear, but also smell. From similar devices is characterized in that the image can be controlled by touch to it. According to the inventors, this technology has the potential to be used not only for marketing campaigns and video games, but even in the educational and medical purposes.

For the first time the idea of creating a device that could produce an image in the air, the inventor of the Astrakhan Maxim Kamanin presented, while still a student, in 2009. However, if the success of this venture, other than his relatives, no one believed him. In 2010, the first prototype of the device was presented at the forum "Seliger", in the same year, Ltd. was established "Displair Company". By the Seliger-2011 is able to create not just a picture, and the image can be controlled with ten fingers. However, the active phase of the company was in the beginning of 2012, when there was a final prototype.

"Now the prototype is in the pre-commercial stage of the sample, — says the representative of the" Company Displair " Michael Bezruk. — He already has almost all the properties that we would like to see. This prototype is still in the laboratory and has not been submitted, it flows stable, diagonal image about 33 inches, he can still play and smells. " The first design in the company's plan to get this fall and right after that to go into production — first order of 100 units per month, and in 2013 to increase the volume. In autumn, the time of the start of production, the project will require a substantial investment — about $ 8 million. The company has not yet called investors, but state that already has arrangements with major international investment funds and banking organizations.

The production will be located in Astrakhan, but the company's offices are located in Moscow and Kazan — "Displair Company" is already a resident of Skolkovo and Kazan IT-Park. "Skolkovo gives us the tax breaks, the opportunity to participate in a very status events, making new contacts, — says Mr. Bezruk. — Kazan IT-Park is interesting because we have big plans for the Universiade 2013: We would like to introduce it within the first network displairov together with "MegaFon". In addition, this IT-Park is a very powerful server center, and we have privileged access to server capacity and cloud technologies. " While displair being revised and determines the optimal set of components, in the company of a loss to name even the approximate cost of the device.

In a highly competitive

As the director of macro-region South Microsoft in Russia Alexander Atamanenko, with attention to quality implementation of such a device will be high, especially on the part of various promoters, marketing booths at conferences and in the stores, say, or navigation systems in museums. Director-General of the Rostov advertising and communications agency «PR Expert" Natalia Southerner indicates that, as with all things new, this development is interesting: "She draws the audience's attention, and therefore the agency, as a guide for all new customer, interested in the emergence of such gadgets. If this gadget is able to really give a good, effective communication with the brand, it will be popular. " At the same time, according to the director general of Rostov communications agency "AGT-South" Jana Alexeeva, gadget will be needed if it becomes possible operational software configuration according to technical requirements.

One of the key success factors of the device — its affordability. The company says that, besides the sale, will be developed and displairov rental scheme, which can be especially true for smaller agencies. "In the regions, not all customers are willing to use any equipment permanently, said Ms. Southerner — Not everyone has a clear marketing plan and the need to constantly arrange" explosive ", the emotional action. We have offered our customers such equipment, if the price of steel was adequate budgets of customers. "

However, the development of Astrakhan — is not the only example of the development of contactless technology, therefore, in addition to an affordable price to the device, it is also important whether the company is upgrading its technology and introduce new services.                    

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