Astrakhan region, Kalmykia and Dagestan will connect the new highway

This project was planned almost 20 years ago, but its implementation began only in 2012, after the inclusion in the federal program "Roads of Russia."

Modern track length of 27 kilometers built on the site of the federal highway Astrakhan Astrakhan — Kotchoubey — Kizlyar — Makhachkala. Earlier Astrakhan section A-153 was ground-gravel and went directly through the regional center of Lyman. Now the track has received a new direction — to bypass the district center to the border with the Republic of Kalmykia — and will be paved.

By the end of the year will be put up complex road, its length — 15 miles, and in July of 2014 will be open the entire route. Thus, the construction will take only one and a half years, the cost of the work — about 2.7 billion rubles. 


The project is considered to be difficult in the engineering point of view, there are four bridge crossings: a famous Limanskoe ilmenite, lakes, as well as the railroad. In addition, the removal took power grids, communication lines and water mains.

In the construction employs about 400 workers and 157 pieces of equipment, operation — non-stop.

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