Astrakhan scientists presented an interactive display screen without

On the Day of Russian Science company Displair demonstrated innovative display advertising business without a screen, responsive to the multiple touch

The inventors have developed a unique product of Astrakhan. Now the project has become a resident of Skolkovo. The device is an interactive display that creates an image directly into the air. At the core of the invention — protected from the wind thin two-layer flow of cold air with tiny particles of water created by cavitation.

Particles of water is so small that due to the size and the strong surface tension remained solid even at a collision with physical objects, not leave wet marks do not freeze at temperatures of up to ≤ 50 ° C and vaporized by heating to +50 ° C.

Appropriate equipment projects on the airflow desired picture. Properties of the water particles and the aerodynamic features of the device can maintain the integrity and stability of the image, even when the penetration of foreign objects in it.

A special system of color correction can make the image contrast and bright in virtually any lighting condition.

Thanks to the built-in infrared camera, Displair responds to the user's hand movement. The system can read up to 1,500 of touches at the same time, that is, allows you to work with an image to multiple users (video and photos you can zoom in, zoom out, change and transform one another.) Displair, thanks to the original technical solution can recognize more complex gestures of users, rather than the classical solid-state systems.

What's especially nice in the world is technology, projecting the image on a stream of air and not losing function Multitouch.

  • The unusual display especially for children (photo Displair).
  • The unusual display especially for children (photo Displair).

The image can be added to flavor that can influence on other senses by (the change happens quickly smells). The system is completely safe and environmentally friendly.

Interesting and exciting innovative display makes the technology not only unusual, but also applications, which provided him with the creators. Among them, the application airLike, that allows you to transfer files between Displair and mobile devices with a single touch. It will soon be on sale at the appropriate resources.

The creators Displair demonstrated the potential of the child at the International Consumer Electronics Show CES 2013, which was held in early January in Las Vegas, and aroused great interest of the public.

At the moment, the company already has pre-orders 711 to such devices. In addition, the device can be rented.

The assurances of Maxim Kamanina, the main ideological mastermind of the project, which is now the director of Displair, all production units will be concentrated in Astrakhan.

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