Astrakhan TRZ produced a prototype of a new locomotive

The issue of attracting young professionals, the growth of production and the creation of new technology. These topics were discussed during a visit to the mayor Mikhail Stolyarov Astrakhan locomotive repair plant.

During bypass the head of the plant demonstrated the basic achievements of the enterprise, the new equipment and models of equipment. One of them — a prototype locomotive TGM 50 production Astrakhan TRZ.

Locomotive designed for shunting and export operation on railways stations and industrial enterprises of 1520 and 1435 mm.
Diesel TMZ 85227.10, with eight-cylinder V shaped arrangement. Power 415 hp at rated speed 1750 rpm. Connected to a special hydraulic transmission clutch production Tutaevsky engine plant.

Management can be performed by one locomotive engineer on either side of the cab. The location of the driver indicating beacon, located on the roof of the cab.


Opportunity to make their own locomotives appeared in the enterprise with the new leadership and by the formation of a new investment program. This year the company plans to raise more than half a billion rubles of investments.

In addition, in recent years has expanded staff of the enterprise — from 900 to 1,400 people. In TRZ work as veterans of production, and young professionals. The company also raises its own labor staff — about 60 young workers at the expense of the plant study at higher education institutions.

TRZ — one of the leading companies Astrakhan. The plant provides jobs for thousands of Astrakhan, expanding its team of employees, increasing production.

If before a company specialized in the repair of locomotives, but now it can be made of property.

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