Astral War

October 27, 2011 17:10

Recently, numerous publications okoloezotericheskie intimidate the general public all sorts of nightmares, and healers, sorcerers and shamans promise to relieve from certain destruction, which carries the damage and the evil eye.

All possible fresh personality grab people by the arm on the street and authoritatively declare: "You, my dear, the ancestral curse," or, say, the "crown of celibacy." Such propaganda harried people everywhere are beginning to see the worst enemies — the black magicians and energy vampires, who in all their woes and blame.
Let's look at the problem from several angles.

Point of view of modern mainstream science is clear: there is a biofield, or not — is not known, but the evil eye damage and rogues just invented, in order to extort money from illiterate simpletons. As a result, people with higher education, and Ph.D., the study healers are furtively looking around, saying the threshold, "I, of course, no not believe in anything, but …" — and asked to remove them from the evil eye, damage, evil karma, or the magical machinations of enemies.

The point of view of all major religions are also well known: in the world there are two forces — God and the devil. God — with us, and all sorts of witches — no. Consequently, they are — on t devil. Damage and evil eye — the machinations of witches, so they — also from the devil. And why should he fight with them? To the people themselves to it willingly went for help, and he had them immediately DAC-scratching and hell. And that is why the Fathers of the healers run like plague, and only in cases of extreme need go to them to treat their eating tons. In the study include small crossing, testing the efficacy of prayer and healer sign of the cross.

The third point of view belongs to the healers themselves. And she … very vague. Some "higher power" (God, the Cosmos, the Absolute, and sometimes … he is the devil) gives them the ability to heal the body and soul. Practitioners are the elected representatives and agents of the force. They see (feel, know and perceive) more than other people, except for certain representatives of religion. Models own uniqueness and origin forces as much and healers. Talk to any of them, you can find out its exclusive view of damage, the evil eye, scientists, priests and other healers.

I call your attention to the fourth point of view, inaccessible to the public. This view belongs to the system of knowledge more ancient than the religious and scientific. To her back, and all forms of healing. This knowledge system belongs to the mysterious socium Wizards. So …

There are several levels of description of matter, taken in Magic.
At the simplest level, you can describe the kind of defensive energy shell, called a cocoon of energy, environmental and physical body. In Parapsychology, of modern science, which studies the phenomena of magic, there are attempts to explain the nature of the cocoon of the electromagnetic radiation of living objects. Magic also addresses this cocoon as n-dimensional extension of the biological object.
In this regard, there is a model of interaction between people on the "subtle plans," beyond ordinary perception:
focus on an external object leads to an interaction with him, "the astral plane" (7-dimensional interaction zone of the senses),
any communication is the energetic interaction that causes the energy exchange,
emotional communication enhances the interaction momentum.
And so, with these types of "communication" as the quarrels and scandals, a person may not knowingly cause another injury beyond ordinary perception. Such an injury is called a Magic "evil eye."
"Corruption" is the intentional infliction of injury, do not usually perceived by the senses. In the case of "damage", there is a constant link between the victim and attacker.

Thus, the source of the evil eye, can be an ordinary person, and damage can induce only has magical powers.

In the early stages of a very magical often formed aggressive personality with a complex of superiority and power, and to others who have serious concerns, and take themselves almost the hand of justice. There is a whole layer of knowledge, usually referred to as the "village Magic" from which such people can draw different "malicious" technique.

What are the components of the "village of Magic"? This developments generations of healers, shared his knowledge on hereditary lines, mixed with knowledge of pre-Christian shamans, and some elements of religion (prayers, icons). In addition, it includes some truly magical knowledge (in vyzyvatelnoy Magic, mediumship and a Talisman), who fell to a village of witches sorcerers who lived in the old days in their houses, and with the country involved in his research. As a rule, they were interested in the village healers and could well give them some knowledge.
Usually encountered "damage" are not outstanding masterpieces, and remove them from the person is not difficult.

However, sometimes there are very complex form of exposure. In the investigation of these cases, it is clear that the victim entered the sphere of interest of serious magician.
Magicians do, basically, their development and help people solve their problems by using, for the minimally necessary action. Typically, they are opposed to all violence and coercion, but because of the connection and creates does not free themselves. Magician will never be someone sends to damage because it makes him take a side, and so, again, reduces his freedom. In the case of direct or indirect attack on the magician, start to work the powerful defenses, mostly — automatically.
Magician surround each product its magical activities: devices and instruments, and the spirits and artificially created by Him, being. They create a dense atmosphere of the supernatural surrounding the Magician. People who communicate with them indirectly, with this protection does not interact, and those who intrude into the sphere of its interests, face it fully. Depending on the strength of M aga striker is hit either instantaneously or with a delay of up to a year. It can kill the attacker, but from the Magician did not require some action, for this protection — passive.
When active offensive operations Mage usually very highly risk, since the moment of impact is very vulnerable because of its protective sphere is transformed into a plane attack. Therefore magicians prefer offensive defense. The man attacking Magus is like a madman rushes to the tram. Of course, he will be swept away, but can you blame the tram with the evil intentions?

Wizards of the first and second level can not afford to split the nuclear core (a third of it — can be), but they are in their healing practice learn to manage with dreams of tiny organisms — bacteria and viruses. In this case, the Wizards know that arrange the epidemic is much easier than to stop it (what they usually busy — trying to stop).

Recently (as time went really any "last") the people, overcome stress and mental illness, stubbornly spreading rumors about the psychotronic weapons being developed for general death it is not clear by whom: the neighbors in the communal, or deceased in the database, KG B and his heirs, or absolutely some strange "enemies" (in each case, the list of suspects is attached to history).
Mages are experts in the field of psychotronic weapons. They are aware of this, that and the most rabid and neighbors, brutalized by science, scientists, and in the worst nightmare ever dreamed of. Mages are the heirs of the knowledge of civilization, the final level of knowledge that was far above our present. And they know that the powerful psychotronic knowledge is not currently profitable. Simply you, the citizens, on the head with a brick in a dark alley recoil, which is very often happens, or take off a homemade min oh, that happens not too often, but that psychotronic weapons municipal neighbors not pull even less capable in this regard nedokonversirovannye villains from spy agencies with their budgets trimmed. So the damage and evil eye — it is there and here, and here about psychotronic attacks and do not dream.
We now turn to another favorite subject — vicious and greedy energovamiram. Yes, there is energy vampirism. But in most cases it is the most natural origin. For example, women have always absorb the energy of men, but to varying degrees. If for example a married couple, arranged like a battery, where the husband — "+", and his wife — "-" there is no balance, or a man with little vampirism wife will have a problem with the prostate gland, or it will have problems with the fidelity of the spouse.

Young children are also the energy vampires, taking the energy of the parents in the form of care and attention (and it usually pleases), but returns t energy elderly parents (which, on the contrary, is not always done with pleasure).

Vampirism in the traditional sense, is quite rare and is associated generally with the fact that some people have the energy field deformed. This may be a consequence of long-acting (chronic) evil eye or damage. They can not keep their energy by injury, they can not earn it themselves, since these injuries are often out of order the entire digestive system. Energy Vampires are usually subconsciously, provoking others to loss of mental equilibrium and take a stand-out at the same energy.
As for the vampires, which has at its core magic, it occurs rarely MR. For Mages human energy too contaminated mi thinking, emotions and disease. Sometimes there are mediums (aka witch) who leave the body during sleep and prowl in search of free energy (most — subconsciously).

Yet there is very little chance to meet a real vampire. The fact is that in ancient times, when Atlantis is lost, and a new civilization was still in its infancy, there were a number of Magi who did not want to wait faithfully acceptable living conditions. They take you to a form of existence itself is most similar to suspended animation, or hibernation bears. Their physical body is kept in a special device, much like the sealed lead coffin, filled with inert gas. Magician was there in a state of near-death experiences, and his consciousness — outside the body, in the form of an anthropomorphic cloud. Using various tricks (mostly fear) a vampire sucking energy from x lived, providing a "living wage" to your body. The consciousness of these Magi burden the contempt for people (rather wild at this time of immersion in the state of non-life Mages). Considering people today, like cattle, they believe themselves t no more guilty than you are yourself, gobbling with gusto his morning sausage sandwich.

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