Atlantis-Pak (Rostov-on-Don)


Company "Atlantis-Pak" is the recognized market leader in packaging for meat products and cheese and one of the ten largest companies in the world for the production of plastic sausage casing.

At present, almost all medium and large meat-processing enterprises in Russia and other CIS countries are consumers of our casings. Production "Atlantis-Pak" exported to 60 countries.

"Atlantis-Pak" has four branches — in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, two offices — in Kiev (Ukraine) and Miami (USA).

Areas of activity

The priorities of the company "Atlantis-Pak" are:

— production of packaging for the meat and dairy industry,
— production label products,
— production of ingredients for the meat industry.

The company's mission:

Providing enterprises of meat and dairy industry with new solutions that create opportunities for their development. Under the new solutions we mean the creation of innovative products and services, the use of which is beneficial for meat processing enterprises and cheesemaking.

History of the company

Since Of 1993 company "Atlantis-Pak" confidently walked to the goal — to become a leader in innovative solutions for the meat industry. The main stages of development of the company confirm the reality of implementation goals.

1997. For the first time in the world's first plastic casing for sausages and wieners — AMIPAK, and a year later 22% of all Russian sausage products produced in the shell AMIPAK.

1998. The production of the first in Russia multilayer plastic shell AMIFLEX for sausage products with a long shelf life. Today AMIFLEX — One of the most popular skins not only in Russia and CIS countries, but also in many countries of the world.

2000 — 2001 years. Developed and put into production the world's first line of permeable plastic membranes: AMISMOK, AMITAN ABM ABM AMITAN Bung for the production of smoked, boiled-smoked and cooked sausages and AMILYUKS for the production of sausage products and smoked.

Since 2000 company "Atlantis-Pak" produces shrink vacuum bags AMIVAC packaging deli meat products and cheeses.

2002-2003,. Issued shell AMISMOK AMILYUKS and ring-shaped, and modified sheath AMIFLEX — AMIFLEX T Ham, AMIFLEX Tko Bung, AMIFLEX T Stretch.

2003. Development of technology for UV Printing on sausage casings.

Since 2004 The company offers its partners new opportunities in design and marketing of meat products — UV printing on the new seven-layer membranes AMITEX.

In 2005. The company has mastered another area of activity — production and sale of spices and ingredients. Created a range of decorative shell AMITEX Rondo, NATUREX, EKSTRAFLEKS.

2006.  Development of shell FIBROSMOK. Formation of a long-term strategy of the company for the period 2006-2011.

2007. Production of the shell in the net — AMITEX Sonnet. Running lines for the production of seven-layer shrink bags.

2008. The new generation of membranes based on nanotechnology — NANOSMOK.
2009. Active promotion of the ingredients. Taking second place in the Russian sales texturate NATUREX.

2010. Launch of the new types of plant proteins. Production of a new shell, which does not require soaking AMITEX Express and start selling packages for chilled meat AMIVAC NT.

Almost every year, the company develops and launches new products, expanding the range of services. 

In 2011, introduced to the market the first plastic easily removable frankfurter casings "ayPil."


"Atlantis-Pak" in the global meat industry has become a trendsetter, so each year to launch a fundamentally new products and services the use of which is beneficial to the food industry.
We plan to continue each year to market a fundamentally new products and services, as we have done throughout the history of the company.
The five-year development strategy for the "Atlantis-Pak" is based on three main areas of work:
— further work on the development and manufacture of new types of packaging;
— comprehensive supply to consumers in the three main areas of activity (production of packaging materials, labels and ingredients);
— expansion of the branch network, including overseas.




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