AtomEnergoMash mastered the entire chain of production of steam generators for nuclear power plants

"We also managed to reduce the production cycle of steam generators in the collection, which increased the production of up to 8 units per year, and to halve the delivery time at the plant," — said General Director of OJSC "Atomenergomash" Andrew Nikipelov.

May 29 took place in Petrozavodsk shipment of the first body steam generator designed for the second unit of Novovoronezh NPP-2. This is the first building steam generator manufactured at the production site of JSC "AEM technology" — JSC "Petrozavodskmash" as part of the development of large-scale equipment for the nuclear industry. 

Supplier of steel billets for the production of steam generators corps is Ukrainian PJSC "EMSS" build steam generator internals performed by JSC "ZIO-Podolsk." All companies included in the Engineering Division of the State Corporation "Rosatom" — AtomEnergoMash.

"In just a few years AtomEnergoMash succeeded in their enterprises set up production of key equipment for nuclear power plants. This is a great result not only for Russia, but also from the point of view of world power engineering. An efficient and rapid modernization has significantly increase competition in the Russian market for nuclear power equipment manufacturers and therefore increase the efficiency of the construction of new stations ", — said Kirill Komarov.

"Today we are a company full technological cycle that can produce high quality and on time any major equipment for the nuclear industry and other sectors of energy," — said General Director of OJSC "Atomenergomash" Andrew Nikipelov.

In turn, the general director of "AEM technology" Eugene Pakermanov noted that Petrozavodskmash continues to evolve and develop new products. "Over the three years of being in the nuclear industry Petrozavodskmash mastered and produced dozens of pieces of equipment for nuclear power stations of all classes of security, including the highest, first. This is particularly critical equipment of the reactor facility, such as a variety of fixings, fasteners, capacity, security station — emergency cooling system (ECCS) and passive core flooding (SPZAZ), components of the main circulation pipeline (MTC), the body of the main circulation pumps (MCP) , coolant reservoir housing, housing the steam generators. This year's run armature production within two years expect to launch mass production of shipping containers for nuclear industry. In addition to actively increase the share of non-nuclear orders, in particular, the equipment for the oil and gas industry ", — he added.

For the shipment of the equipment used combined path over water and transport. From the shop Petrozavodskmash body steam followed by automotive spetsdorogah to the pier on Lake Onega, where it was loaded onto a ship. In Moscow the port product will be reloaded onto trucks with high-lift cranes.

Currently Petrozavodskmash in various stages of manufacture of steam generators are 7 buildings, one of which is entirely built and must pass a test procedure for surrender. Other products are in various stages of the process — from processing to final machining of shells collected by the body. Three buildings are designed for Novovoronezh NPP-2, four — for the Leningrad NPP-2.

Steam generator refers to products of the first security class. The cylindrical body portion steam, welded shells of 4 with a wall thickness of 110 to 145 mm, has a weight of approximately 160 tons, length — 12 meters and an internal diameter — than 4 meters.

For mass production of cases of steam generators at Petrozavodskmash in April 2012 opened a specialized area. It was established high-performance equipment, including: heavy horizontal milling and boring machine company ARIES (Italy), welding booths, crane 200 t equipment was purchased as part of the investment program for the development at Petrozavodskmash equipment manufacturing plant.

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