Atomenergomashevsky project Bridge of Generations is recognized as one of the best management practices in the industry

The specialists of "Atomenergomash" have become parties to the IAEA consultation session on the development of the documentation in the field of nuclear knowledge management, report news of nuclear energy with reference to the power engineering division SC "Rosatom".

At the meeting, the representative of the company — the Director of Personnel Management "Atomenergomash" Xenith Sukhotina presented the project "Bridge of generations." This project was created to address the problem of knowledge transfer and change of generations.

"It's no secret that most teams face the challenge of increasing the average age of employees groups, the so-called "aging" and the subsequent shortage of qualified personnel. To solve this problem was created by the project "Bridge of Generations", which creates organizational conditions to ensure continuity of experience, preservation and transmission of the unique expertise, as well as helping to attract and retain young people in the company"- Quoted by news of nuclear energy Xenia Sukhotina word about the project.

The outcome of the project "Bridge of Generations" was acknowledged as one of the IAEA's best practices in the field of knowledge management in the nuclear industry, nuclear power broadcast news.

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