Atomenergoremont introduced machine repair-flow section

JSC "Atomenergoremont" presented at a conference in Novovoronezh made in one of its branches newest machine repair flow of the turbine, which has no analogues in Russia.


Topics of new technologies and ways of repairing nuclear power plants were discussed on Tuesday and Wednesday in Novovoronezh on scientific and technical conference organized by JSC "Atomenergoremont" — the general contractor for the repair of all Russian nuclear power stations of "Rosenergoatom". Participants of the conference was presented a unique machine repair-flow section.

"This machine was created in November 2011 in the town of Kurchatov, Kursk region in izhenerno-tech center of" Atomenergoremont "", — According to RIA Novosti technologist of "AEP" Sergey Konkin.

According to him, new equipment, unique for Russia not created to handle the hard ridge diaphragm liquid end low-pressure cylinder (LPC) K-1000 turbines installed at domestic nuclear power plants. Radio-controlled machine with automatic feeding, which was made specifically for the turbine of the nuclear industry, will replace manual labor.

This machine noticed all the participants, who represented the nuclear power station, developers of equipment for nuclear power plants, universities that train specialists in a "nuclear specialties", as well as employees of foreign companies — AREVA German and Czech Skoda JS.

Participants in the event also saw the automatic and plasma systems for cutting and welding metal, various controllers, equipment that allows for laser alignment turbine generators.

"We are in particular interested in the development of repair welds on the output from the generator. Was also a very interesting report on the flame spraying on metal surfaces", — According to RIA Novosti Wit Stoushek representing business unit Skoda JS.

According Stousheka, his company intends to cooperate with the Russian enterprises in the application of technologies on display at nuclear power plants in Central Europe.

  JSC "Atomenergoremont" — the largest specialized repair company, general contractor of "Rosenergoatom" for the repair of all Russian nuclear power plants. The company, which employs about 8,000 employees, has 10 branches, three engineering centers, two training centers. 


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