Baikal pulp and paper mill workers began dopnabor

Of "the Baikal Pulp and Paper Mill" announced an additional set of employees working on engineering and technical professions. As the manager of external relations of "BCBK" Alexander Ivanov, over the past three months, the team has gone through a number of plant stress. Double-workers received notice of a possible reduction.
— However, the dire situation did not affect the work of the collective. Moreover, the level of training of personnel allows us to state the maximum possible the modernization of the plant and the establishment of additional production facilities using technology base BCBK — he added.

We remind the Russian government has decided to extend the activities of "the Baikal Pulp and Paper Mill" before August 16, 2013. Due to changed circumstances, plant management canceled the August 14 order on the possible reduction of employees.

FAQ: The total number of employees BCBK the latest figures of 1,561 people, including women — 628 employees — 1186. The average age of employees — 41. The average wage in July was 18.3 thousand rubles plus 4.3 thousand rubles social benefits

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