Balakovo NPP power unit is plugged in number 4


December 9, 2011, at 03:07 after the scheduled maintenance on the basis of the permit of "Rosenergoatom" plugged in unit number 4 Balakovo.

Warm-up and power unit made in accordance with the requirements of technological rules of safe operation.

At present, the work of all four units are Balakovo. Total load for 10:00 MSK is 3,800 MW.

The radiation background at the station and the surrounding area has not changed, is at levels consistent with normal operation of power, and does not exceed the natural background values.

Timely information about the radiation environment near Russian nuclear power plants and other nuclear facilities are provided on site

For more information on the work of Balakovo can learn out of hours answering system (8453) -62-22-20 or website

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